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Hi Mamas,


I just found this group! My due date is 10/11. The reality of this pregnancy (my 2nd) has been kind of slow to sink in, but now I'm in the thick of it, with light nausea and fatigue all the time. I haven't chosen a midwife yet, because we've been having some obstacles to scheduling a "meet-n-greet" with a midwife team at a nearby hospital. They get great reviews from some friends, so even though I'm fairly sure I want to do another homebirth, I want to check it out. So I don't have an official midwife yet, and while I've been able to get a little advice from the homebirth midwife candidate (a wonderful woman who taught our first childbirth class), I'm looking for some reassurance here...


Since week 6, I've experienced light spotting on and off, nearly every day. I have read and been told that it's very common and often nothing to worry about. With me, it happened the first time after a really straining bm, and then usually after a walk (nothing vigorous). It's always brown. This morning, I've noticed it again, the first time I've seen it in the morning. Until learning I was pregnant, I had a daily ashtanga yoga practice and would walk frequently. My yoga teacher advised me to stop practice during first trimester, so I did, and my walks are pretty low-key. But still there's spotting. Occasionally I have light cramps, although nothing bad, and I do remember some cramping from first pregnancy.


Anyone have stories to share of spotting that ended in a healthy, full-term pregnancy?


Or tips on how to worry less and just take it day by day?



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I am currently spotting and had spotting and even heavy red bleeding with my last (which resulted in healthy DS who's napping next to me as I type). I have also experienced 2 MC's so can offer a comparison. The off and on spotting and bleeding was from sub chorionic hematoma - there weren't huge clots or major cramping. Just sudden red gushes followed by days of brown spotting.
MC was like a very heavy period with simultaneous clots and cramps to the point of feeling like mini-labor (late 1st trimester loss was more painful).
If you are uncertain and very worried by all means call and/or go see someone right away. I am waiting until my scheduled appt next week only because I know from experience I tend to spot for the 1st trimester.
It does seem to calm down the more rest I can get and if I avoid lifting anything heavier than my toddler. That could be coincidence though.
Hope that gives you a little peace if mind smile.gif
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Half of pregnancies with bleeding go on to be uncomplicated. There are many reasons for bleedin, most won't affect the baby (hemmeroids, sex, old implant bleeding etc)

But if you're worried ask gp for a scan or go to emergency. If you're over 6 weeks nothing better than a strong hb to make you relax! We have 2 mamas on here that just went through bleeding and have healthy little peanuts. My mc/mmc was bloodless/spotless.
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I had red bleeding with clots (not heavy, though) the week I got my positive pg test with this pregnancy. I was very freaked out, had bloodwork done, etc. My HCG levels were great and I had an ultrasound at my first OB appt - we saw a healthy baby with a hb of 160!


I had spotting with my 5th pregnancy as well and she turns 3 today. :)


Unless it turns into heavy bleeding or you have bad, constant cramping with the spotting, it's probably nothing.

Mothering › Groups › October 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Spotting?