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Hi guys, it's been a busy week. I've had to work 12 hour shifts every day and now I'm totally knackered. Work is getting harder, just can't handle being on my feet so much now and I worry I'm not going to b able to last till the end. I can't afford to finish work too early as I'm the main earner in our house. My DB is very laid back and every time I get stressed about money he just says ' it'll b fine' 😠
My moods have got a bit better this week, less crazy lol. And I haven't puked in a week! I'm hoping that's over with and I start glowing soon lol
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You are so hardcore Serena! There is no way I could even imagine working those sorts of shifts! I'm glad you haven't been sick for a week, that must be such a relief.


I just ate pizza for the first time in over 2 years. I hope I don't regret it, but it was amazing.

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Nettle I also just had real take out pizza. I never eat the stuff either but your right it was amazing!!!!

Serena props to you girl!!! I can't even imagine 12 hour days outside the home with people outside my immediate family to answer to!
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Lol guys, I've always done it, it's normal to me in the catering industry
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The fact that it's the catering industry just makes you even more hardcore!

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My mom has been a catering server since forever-definitely hard core work. I can't even imagine working like that with pregnancy fatigue. You go, mama! smile.gif

A new taco place openened in the area, we checked it out last night. Oh my! Amazing, real food. They had brisket, steak, chicken, duck, tofu, and fish tacos; ad each taco had its own unique addings. Everything was fresh and delicious. Mmmmmmm.
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Went for a super long walk today (15km - overdid it a bit, but there came a point when we had to make it back!), so I think I've earned some pizza for tonight thumb.gif

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