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occasional booster-free rides?

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My ds is going to be 11yo in a couple of months. He's right at 80lbs and is of average height and slim build. Recently I've begun to seriously consider whether or not he still needs a booster seat. I am familiar with the 5 step test.

In my Hyundai, ds definitely needs a booster to be safe but in my adult sons Ford, which does not have headrests in the back, a booster puts ds too high up. Fortunately, the belt goes low on his hips without a booster. Ds2 rides in it maybe once a week, so I am OK with him not using a booster.

Do others go through phase as well, where their dc uses a booster only in certain cars? With ds1, I was way less informed... I just arbitrarily chucked the booster into the trunk on his 11th bday. He was the last of his friends to be in a booster and I thought I was mom of the year, Haha

I need the BTDTs for my exdh, who is going to hear from ds2 that he is starting to go without a booster and will want to stop using one altogether. The problem is that I know how to tell if it's safe and he doesn't, so I just keep drilling it into his head that ds can't ride without one.
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I don't know that there was the '5-step' test out there when my olders were coming out of their boosters, or I didn't know about it either!  But, they definitely did ride with in some and not in others depending on the situation. All cars are different, as you've found out! 


Is exdh open to info on the 5-step test and seeing if it applies for his car? If not, then booster for longer. 

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I had no idea about the 5 step test... turns out I need a booster seat! lol


I think I would be OK with my son only using a booster in certain cars. I read that weight has nothing to do with it, but at 11 years old and 80lbs, we're not really talking about a frail little kid.

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I found dd was more likely to fit in cars vs minivan.
Dd1 was out of a booster at 9yrs in my civic
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Weird, this thread posted 2x!


It's good to hear that others have also gone through a period of partial use, ameks me feel less weird.  :)

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