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Any first time moms waiting?

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I am wondering if there are any FTMs out there who are lurking and waiting for baby to come? I am finding lots of new sensations - since the baby feels rather enormous when he moves, and he is apparently dropping which feels really weird. Suddenly on the first day of week 37 he just felt a lot bigger! This past week has definitely felt like a new stage. Waiting, nesting, and not able to think much about other things!!

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I know the feeling of not being able to think about much else!!!  I'm completely consumed by this pregnancy and it's inevitable end. 


LO has felt HUGE the last week or so (I'm 38 weeks) - normally when I push on them, I just feel that part of my stomach, but now, I feel where I'm pushing them into (does that make sense?  Like when I push them down, I also feel it on the other side of my belly.)


I only just started noticing BH last month, and I still don't "feel" them, I only notice if I'm touching my belly because it completely hardens up.  But I don't feel any sensation.  Last night I felt a tightening sensation for the first time.  Two in a row, about 5 minutes apart. 


I'm always reading the Feeling Birthy thread and so far I haven't had anything like what other posters are describing.  But someone wrote recently about increased BH and loose stools and I just kinda froze at the computer... 


I know every pregnancy and birth are different, even with the same moms, but for FTM's there's just nothing to compare anything to and it's kinda confusing and overwhelming and all consuming.  Add a couple new hormones to the mix and it's quite the ride!!!!

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Me! I'm a FTM as well, 38+3 as of today. My little one IS huge, LOL. (If we go to 40+ weeks I'm guessing 9-10 lbs - yikes, I'm 5'2 and like 120!) And I feel like since she dropped (about 2 1/2 weeks ago) I feel her weight more, if that makes any sense. My belly also looks bigger after the drop - like she got pushed further out of my body as she went downward. Ironically, they say you're supposed to be LESS short of breath after baby drops, but I have been MORE - walking down the street is like running a marathon! I think it's because my body doesn't handle this weight distribution as well as the old way.


I am "feeling birthy" all the time, but my situation's a little unusual! I have been contracting every 3-5 minutes 24/7 for almost 3 months now. In the last 2 weeks I've also had every other sign of impending labor - bouts of diarrhea, baby dropping, CRAZY emotions, cramping, nesting alternating with extreme fatigue, weight loss... you name it! But baby's still in there. ;) I'm with you on being totally consumed - it's hard to think about anything else. I have to make sure I have a lot to focus on during the days or else I go crazy. The out of whack emotions have been by far the hardest - I have been super calm and stable through this whole pregnancy up until the last 2 or 3 weeks. Now I am like psycho pregnant lady! I keep reminding myself it will probably only be worse in the first few days postpartum - joy! But at least I'll have a precious baby to snuggle. :)

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Hey Scruffy,


Nice to have some company! My little guy feels massive these days, too. When he moves I sense an actual baby in there now. And I know what you mean about feeling him on the other side. Apparently he is pushing a lot on my diaphragm, which is a bit uncomfy.


I compare being a fist time preggy lady to being a teenager, with all this weird stuff going on with your body, raging hormones and all the newness. I suppose for second timers and beyond it is still a journey, judging from what I hear, but maybe not as mentally freaky. In my yoga class the first time moms are a lot more wide-eyed and full of stuff to check-in about, whereas the veteran moms seem a bit more grounded in the experience and less "green".


It's weird how contractions seem to be entirely different for everyone. I noticed contractions after I have a big meal. Just at the top, right under my stomach. But I am having other ones starting at my lower abdomen when I walk a lot. And maybe some small once when he pushes around a bit?


I have suddenly found myself with "loose stools", which initially freaked me out, too, but I don't think it's labour. Still, because so much has changed recently - no more morning sickness (for first time since week 10!) and no more extreme constipation, I can breathe at night, and he is moving with a lot more heft these days - I find myself wondering if some new feeling means I am going to be in labour at a moment's notice. But I think I have a couple of more weeks at least since I haven't dilated much, if at all, according to my OB. Which I am happy for, surprisingly. These are my last moments of solo life and I kinda want to savour them. Problem is, all I can think about is the baby! :)


Jeez, it must be interesting to be up in the Yukon right about now. I am from Montreal but live down in New York City, and I find on snowy days I am all paranoid about slipping and stuff and wonder if I was back home how much more cumbersome the whole thing would be. I suppose you just get used to whatever situation you are in, but I am still curious about how it has been up there - esp during such a cold winter out West! (I have family in northern Alberta and the temps this year sounded excruciating!)

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Cindy - I have found that I'm not breathing any easier these days, either.  My MW asked if I thought the baby had dropped at all, and I said "No, I still can't get a good breath in."  She said that breathing easier doesn't always accompany the drop.  As it is, my baby is about half way dropped.  But I had heard of people being able to suddenly do up their bra tighter, and that's NOT happening over here...


Meggsy - I hear you about the FTM wide eye thing.  My MW has commented several times how I'm not asking a lot of questions at appointments (like normal FTMs) and I tell her I've read everything I've been able to get my hands on, I've "studied" my a$$ off, I *know* all the stuff, I'm just still surprised it's actually happening!  I feel like I've been a sponge for 9 months, just soaking in information.  Sometimes I feel like my head will explode.


I, too, am savoring the last moments of this pregnancy.  I remember one of my first thoughts after peeing on the stick was that it was going to go by so fast.  And despite movements when it felt like it was dragging (2nd trimester wasn't my friend) I was all too aware throughout the whole pregnancy that I wanted to slow down and remember every bit of it.  You only get the wide-eye wonderment experience once...  I'm still in no hurry to have the baby - physically I feel great.  I've only gained 5 pounds (I was a tad fluffy to begin with, so I've done a massive re-arrangement of my weight, my ankles haven't looked this good in YEARS!!)  My hips and back are holding up great.  Although I'm not really sleeping much, I'm comfortable in bed.  Emotionally I seem to have reached a bit of a plateau and I'm not near the wreck I had been for 7 months...


And goodness gracious, if I have to hear one more person tell me to walk carefully on the icy sidewalks I'll up and punch them!!!!  I am WELL AWARE it's icy out.  I never want to slip and fall, even when not pregnant, so obviously I'm in no rush to do so now!!  I only slipped once (outside the Union office of all places!) and besides my ego, I was okay.  But I can't wait for the melt so that I can take normal people steps again, and not these pathetic little prego steps.

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I am also a FTM, and also hit a moment when it seemed like the baby was suddenly really big! I think it's mostly that it takes up more of the belly space, though, and yes, it's easier to feel specific lumps and bumps and to feel how pushing on one bump moves another one. The one that annoys me the most is when baby stretches out one direction, and it's uncomfortable, so I go to push it back in a little, and it becomes clear that my bladder is just past whatever bump is on the other end. Baby wins! lol.gif


I went a long time wondering if I was having any BH, or when they'd start... Only in the past couple weeks have they become noticeable to me. And I find myself wondering how real contractions will feel different! But the BH don't really feel like I expected. Like scruffy, I can feel my belly is hard if I touch it. But without touching it, the main sensation I get is that I suddenly feel kind of warm, and like I *should* be out of breath, but I'm not really. It's odd.


One thing I think is interesting is that my midwives said that they find FTMs to actually be better at knowing when they go into real labor than ladies who have had babies before!! They get way more false alarms with second, third, etc. time moms. I think this is because once you've been pregnant once, your body knows what to do, so the practice labor parts start earlier. But I guess that usually if FTMs think they're really in labor, they usually are. So we have a leg up in that regard, even though we know less of what to expect!

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You guys are lucky you have midwives. My insurance down here is very stingy with midwives for some reason, so I basically had to find an OB practice to go with, which I am generally pretty happy with. But my own wide eyed questions are met by some of the OBs with a bit of an eye roll sometimes. I like my own regular OB though. She appreciates my curiosity. Fortunately I have a very good friend in Montreal who is a midwife and she gives me lots of advice and answers all my questions!


Storygirlcindy - I can't believe you have had contractions for that long?! What the heck, that must be driving you nuts! Do you get used to it? I had morning sickness for what felt like forever and eventually I got used to it and now the past two nausea-free weeks have made me realize me how much of a drag it actually was. Fortunately, I have been fully in awe of the whole pregnancy, like Scruffy, from day one, soaking it in and taking life down a notch, so I guess that kept me feeling like this pregnancy was something I wanted to soak up.


Chocolatechip, I find I need to do kegels for that very reason - if I skip a day, I literally pee myself. This baby has almost full reign of my bladder now!


The baby has dropped for me, and I do have more breathing ability when sleeping, but barely. I am panting a lot when I go up stairs or try swimming.


Oh I forgot what people are like in the north - very friendly and warm, but I bet it can get annoying at times! Especially since everyone and their second cousins all seem to feel the need to give pregnant ladies advice in general! lol Well, I hope you have an early thaw.


Just boiling some diapers right now and I think I need to take them off the stove. Have a good night ladies!


PS - When are you expecting? 

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My EDD is March 17th, and I have a fairly good feeling about that date or later.


I just got back from the Doctor and found out I'm GBS+ greensad.gif so I'm off to read the GBS thread and find out what (if anything) I can be doing differently.  I've already decided not to take antibiotics if there's no other risk factors.  The doctor agreed to write me a prescription for antibiotics that can be administered by my MW or mom (RN) at home, but now is checking to see if any pharmacy will release them to me irked.gif.  I want to have them just in case it's a long time between my water breaking and my baby coming.  Ahh!!  I just knew I'd be positive!  I have a hour and a half of work left, then I'm going to allow myself a good cry on the drive home (45 minutes) and then relax about it.

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I'm due March 29th! I'm feeling like it's likely to be at least that long, but it's a little hard to say since it's still a ways off. A lot could happen in the next couple weeks. smile.gif


Meggsy, I'm sorry you get any eyerolls at all with your questions (I definitely prefer doctors who like to hear questions, because I always have a lot of them!), but happy for you that you like your OB and have a midwife friend to also get info from! Our insurance covers midwives IF they have an office that we go to for visits. Go figure. So insurance is covering prenatal care, and they *would* cover a birth center birth, but I really did want a home birth, so we are just paying for the birth part out of pocket. I don't understand why they'll cover a much more expensive hospital birth, and not a relatively way cheaper home birth, but so it goes.


Scruffy, I'm sorry to hear you're GBS+. I am too. But you know, out of all the things we could have, GBS is really better than a lot of the other possibilities. And it's not uncommon at all - 30% of women or something like that, right? So don't kick yourself over it, and having antibiotics on hand in case your labor takes a while after your water breaks sounds like a good idea. It'll be fine. hug2.gif

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Meggsy - yes and no as to the driving me crazy thing. In some ways, it's better than having prodromal labor that just kicked into gear this month, because it's been happening for SO long that I'm not spending all my time going "oh! a contraction! maybe I'm in labor!" - But it does get old sometimes, LOL. For a long time they were a pain because I was afraid of them kicking into pre-term labor, and so I got to spend most of my 3rd tri on partial bed rest. Everyone is completely shocked that I've made it to 38 weeks - my doctors have spent most of my pregnancy saying "we just have to get to 34!" So now they sort of don't know what to do with me! ;) Today I had one of my biweekly NSTs and the perinatologist who was watching the strip was so funny - halfway through the NST she was like, "Cindy, nobody in the WORLD contracts as much as you do! How are you still pregnant???"


I'm in the GBS + camp as well. Sorry to hear that you are, scruffy! I had a feeling that I would be. I just knew all along it would be positive... I have a chronic disease and have had yeast & bacterial vaginal infections since I was 11, so I figured there was no way I was NOT also GBS +. It's actually been quite the dramatic saga because I also have multiple antibiotic allergies, so can't use the typical antibiotics they prescribe for GBS moms... but the lab that the first culture got sent to messed up and didn't do sensitivity testing, so we don't know yet what my GBS will actually respond to. It's been quite a dramatic 2 1/2-week ordeal trying to get the results in. My doctor was about ready to tear out his hair today telling me that they STILL didn't have results! Definitely one of those ironic situations... as my mom said, of anyone, I really NEED that sensitivity testing since my allergies are so complicated and so we need to have a plan of action! We should hopefully have the results tomorrow and I'll feel better when my doctor can put a note in my chart about what antibiotic I should be on. I've had horrors of going into labor at some random moment when a doctor I'd never met was on call and tried to put me on something that made me break out in hives, or was completely ineffective. Getting the + result was definitely a bummer, but I agree with chocolatechip... as things go, I guess it's relatively deal-able.

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Oh and Meggsy, I am with you on soaking this pregnancy up!!! The last 2 weeks have been tough (mostly just because my emotions have been all over the place, which they really haven't for the rest of the pregnancy) but overall this pregnancy has been truly miraculous. My husband and I struggled with infertility for awhile before conceiving, and I have a genetic disease that makes pregnancy very unpredictable and at times very dangerous, so we have always worried that I would become VERY VERY sick (to the point of my life expectancy being compromised) while pregnant. To everyone's complete amazement, I have flown through this pregnancy with no truly serious complications. I've had some frustrating/annoying things here or there (bad morning sickness, lots of sickness in general, the bizarre contractions etc.) but nothing that is actually dangerous. It has been an amazing experience, since I spent years thinking I may never get the chance to be pregnant! In fact it's gone SO well that I'm already mentally planning my NEXT pregnancy... haven't convinced my DH on that one yet though. ;) He wants to make sure I survive the first baby before talking about another one!

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Storygirl - It took us a lot of effort to get pregnant, too - a process that can be really frustrating and hard. I guess that is a big part of why this is so amazing. I guess you gotta take the good and minimize the bad. I do think of all the complications you can have being GBS+ is probably the most controllable, although I could imagine it being stressful with antibiotic allergies. Just make sure  your husband knows the type of antibiotic you need so he can keep an eye out. That would be stressful!


Scruffy, I think chocolatechip is totally right on - so many women have it. I heard it was 40 percent. I was amazed I didn;t because I interescted with 2 people who ended up having a strep B - related skin reaction in the week before my test. At least it is something you can have on hand and still have a home birth.


Chocolate chip (I love your pen name, btw - I am a certified chocoholic!) I sometimes wish we had just bit the bullet and arranged to pay out of pocket for a home birth. But I think the stubborn Canadian side of me feels like it is wrong to pay for medical care and I couldn't bring myself to do it. I am lucky though - the hospital I am going to has great nursing staff. Not sure if you saw any news footage of hurricane sandy, but the nurses have become famous since evacuating all the preemies when they lost power, which made me feel good about things. They also have very progressive standards for breastfeeding support and are supposed to be very supportive of natural birth. But I was kind of shocked to find out only 2 percent of their births are sans epidural, so my husband and I are preparing things fo rhim to say to make sure they know I really want to do it med-free. But at this point, I am trying not to stress about it. 


Oi, my back is killing me! Time to go lie down before I walk to the store for some ice cream :)

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Chocolate chip (I love your pen name, btw - I am a certified chocoholic!) I sometimes wish we had just bit the bullet and arranged to pay out of pocket for a home birth. But I think the stubborn Canadian side of me feels like it is wrong to pay for medical care and I couldn't bring myself to do it. I am lucky though - the hospital I am going to has great nursing staff. Not sure if you saw any news footage of hurricane sandy, but the nurses have become famous since evacuating all the preemies when they lost power, which made me feel good about things. They also have very progressive standards for breastfeeding support and are supposed to be very supportive of natural birth. But I was kind of shocked to find out only 2 percent of their births are sans epidural, so my husband and I are preparing things fo rhim to say to make sure they know I really want to do it med-free. But at this point, I am trying not to stress about it. 


Yay chocolate! smile.gif I did see some of the footage from Hurricane Sandy, and the pictures and stories of the nurses totally made me cry. I'm glad you will be in good hands! 

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