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Round ligament pain at 38weeks? Really??

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Is this even possible?  It's the distinctive feeling of round ligament pain, however!  Anyone else?

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I'm at 36.5 weeks right now, and I've been feeling it again for at least the last week. Twingy, easy to feel like I've stretched it too quickly... Yeah. Stretching it out in yoga helps. But I also didn't realize it would come back! 

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I'm not sure mine ever 100% went away after the 2nd trimester.  I notice it in the evenings, usually getting off the couch - not as bad as in the 2nd tri, but still enough to make me stop for a second before beginning to walk where ever I was headed.

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Does it feel like you've been kicking in the pubic bone?? That usually happens around the end months with more pressure on the your pelvis the muscle that holds the 2 pieces together can start to hurt. I'm feeling it SO MUCH WORSE the second time around angry.gif



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I definitely have some pubic bone pressure going on too... Though it seems to come and go depending on how exactly the baby is positioned. I thought for a while I was just going to be incredibly uncomfortable for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy, but fortunately the baby moved a bit!

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Yup...definitly some pubic bone pain also.  And like Chocolate Chip said, it's not constant, depending of baby's position.  Today is bad, however!


But this is dinstinctively round ligament...on the right side mostly, just like during the end of the 1st and 2nd tri!!! 

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I had something funky last night and I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow!


It wasn't in the same place I remember round ligament pain, it was more toward the front and center.  Maybe stretching in the pelvis to prepare for labor?  One can only hope!

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Hmm, I have had it from about week 8 way back in the first trimester until now, with lots of it during week 28-36. Early on I was told "only women in their last trimester had it" by one person. And I was told only "women in their first trimester have morning sickness". I have since accepted there are no rules because I was sick and sore the whole time! 


I think Round Ligament pain comes from either growth or moving of the uterus or the pelvis. It could be that your pelvic flexibility is putting some strain on the ligaments. 


Feel better!

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yes at nearly 41 weeks. a few times taking a walk recently I had such bad round ligament pain, feels like low side cramps. I just have to breathe and stretch my arm up on the same side. relaxing and keeping some movement seem to help. 

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