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~Master Due Date List~

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             pos.gif The November 2013 Master Due Date Listbabyf.gif


Post on this thread with your screen name/real name, estimated due date and for fun ---your guess on if it is a boy or girl. I will compile it in to this first post so every one can find due date buddies, and just for general fun. Always neat to see if your guess was accurate on the sex.  I am not always the most consistent on formatting, so show some grace towards me ;)






October 25th-November 7th

SuperBeans/Oct.26-Nov 1st/ Guess: Boy

Sienna Forever EDD Nov 1


AllisonRH EDD November 1st.


Ablemec-Nov 2nd


chiromommy10-Andrea/EDD Nov 1st/Guess:Boy


onemoreontheway/Oct.27-Nov 1st/ Guess: Boy


Jonesiesgirl-L/November 4th/Guess: Girl


Granite EDD November 5th

GreekMomma / Laura, my EDD is 11/5

Cherristick/ April / november 6th
shantivibes 11/5/13 girl


Patience2013/Nov. 6th, 2013


fsqlib EDD November 6th Guess: Boy


Amila/EDD November 6th/Guess: Boy

Sparklemaman-K/November 7th/ Guess: Boy


Kadams EDD November 7th, Guess: girl


Sristi/EDD November 7th/Guess: Girl


Starfish11-Dell/EDD November 7th/Guess: ??


Tourist-Janae EDD Nov 5th Guess: girl


nae114 EDD Nov 6th Guess: Boy


jmc78-Jene EDD november 7th










November 8-November 15th



ladensmommy/EDD November 9th/ Guess: Girl


MaggieMay81-Mags EDD November 11 Guess:Boy


Shmarolynn-Carol/EDD November 11th/Guess: Boy


Vaquitita- EDD November 10th - Guess: Girl


Fourlittlebirds/EDD November 10th/Guess: Girl


Unuselyriver/Nov 10th/Guess:Boy


andi-mama-Andrea/Nov 11th/Guess: Boy


Katiecornflakes-Katie/11-8/11-11 Guess: Girl


mommy2julia is due 11/12/13


tank due 11/13/13


mizzbosslady4 11/15/13


krystilization 11/14/13

 Manda Username: MQ EDD: November 13 (


Mana EDD November 17th,guess: boy


fireweed. EDD Nov 13 guess: boy.


quinbearzmama  EDD is 11.12.13.

Sunkistmoth/Gretchen EDD: November 14th Guess: girl

KrisinDenmark-Krisia EDD Nov 15th Guess: girl


Laura--EDD Nov. 15 girl.


Samarooni's partner Nov 14th Guess: girl


kbvr  11/5/13


zuleicamoon-Beth nov 15th









 November 16th-November 25th




jjh5351-Jocie/November 16th/Guess: Boy


ultrafighter/November 17th/Guess: Girl


MamacitaD/November 17

noahkat/Noah, EDD Nov. 18


mamainthemaking november 18th


winter2013 EDD November 16

hapersmion EDD November 18th


100%Mom 11/19/13


Emmecat - November 20th/Boy



Flanette EDD: November 21st guess: boy




Ann/KA2003, EDD 11/22


Kelli Mae. EDD Nov 23  guess: girl

Marie, EDD Nov 23, Guess: boy


Escher EDD Nov 24


guatemama1 EDD: Nov 24


Abby EDD Nov 25th







November 26- December 10th

Saara687 = Saara EDD November 26th  Guess: girl.

Airforcekitten21/November 27th/Guess: Boy


babibelli EDD 11/26


Writeonyogamama/Melissa EDD Nov 29/guess: girl


SilaMarila baby #2 EDD 11/27/2013


Caitlin, EDD: Nov 27th Guess: Girl

beckyand3littlemonsters/ Becky edd: 28/11/13 Guess:boy


Meksmama  Estimated due date 11/29 Guess:girl


Emski4379 Nov. 26.


bree91  11/26/13

We Remember and Keep In Our Thoughts:candle.gif


“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together,put me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever .” -A.A. Milne


“I held you every second of your life.” -Stephanie Paige Cole


”A person’s a person, no matter how small.” -Dr Seuss

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” =Robert Munsch


Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn’t permanent.” -Jean Kerr


I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it.
- e.e. cummings


But love is born in life, and death cannot end it.
- Mette Ivie Harrison


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
- A.A. Milne


As you danced in the light with joy, love lifted you. As you brushed against this world so gently, you lifted us.
- TC Ring



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Hi, my name is Mags. Our EDD is Nov.11/13 if I go by when I ovulated smile.gif I have a sneaking suspicion this is a boy as I feel different than I did with DD.....
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My EDD is 11/10. I think I'm having a girl.

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I'm K.,  EDD 11/7 and I think I am having a boy (purely based on early pregnancy dreams). Otherwise, shrug.gif stork-suprise.gif

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I'm L, due on 4 Nov. We think we might be having a girl! 


Onemoreontheway, I love your DD's cat smiley :)

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Sleepy, due 11/7.  Really REALLY want a girl but intuition says boy.  I could be wrong.  I was wrong with DS.

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Hi! I am Jocie, jjh5351, my EDD so far is Nov 16, guessing by my last period. I just officially found out today (positive digi!) so after I figure out insurance I'll be heading to the doctor. I want a girl badly but I'm guessing boy because my husband's family is heavy on the boy side :) hopefully this one sticks around for the long haul. I was really hesitant to join a DDC this early!

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I'm due on 11/9 and I'm really hope that this baby will be a girl. The next couple months are going to drag by lol
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Sristi, EDD is November 7, guess is girl

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Anne, EDD is November 4th, and I'm guessing boy, because of the lack of morning sickness.

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EDD is November 10. And I'm guessing a girl! <3
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Amila, EDD November 6, and I think its a boy :)

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My name is Carol, I'm due 11/11 and this is our first baby! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it might be a boy, but I would love to have a girl as well.smile.gif

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Andrea, EDD 11/1, I think this is a boy :)

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I'm one stunned mama right now. Took many, many tests to try and overcome the shock.

Due 11/7 (Sparklemama! Yay due date buddy! Guess that you had a great Valentine's Day night, too!)
I think boy based on how fast the positive showed up and how sneaky this is. That's the same way it went with DS 1. But I will probably know fairly soon if it's a boy or girl based on how sick I am. My body did not like having a little boy growing inside.
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That post reminds me of seeing Jessica Simpson say her morning sickness was bad because of it being a boy (she did not say it this tactfully haha)! Makes me laugh though! Congrats dear!
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Ha! That woman can be a hoot. And later on in my pregnancy I may not be as tactful!

Thanks and congrats right back at you joy.gif
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Wow, there was a lot of Valentine love going on here!!  Congrats to all.

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Starfish So glad to see you, mama!! Wow, what a journey you've been on since last we met. That's a tough situation you described but I know it will all work out for you and your family. Funny you mention Valentine's, that was actually the ONLY night that week we didn't BD!! I O'd on 2/14 and we hit the 3 previous days and the day after. Apparently it worked out!! And I am already so totally nauseous, in waves constantly. I recall feeling like this from exactly 5 weeks through ~7 weeks with DD. I was constantly shoving Triscuits in my mouth and chugging gingerale like it was going out of style (perhaps that assisted the 8 pound first trimester weight gain!). But that's all that relieved the nausea. So, going with that idea again, but a bit healthier. I've been drinking Kefir each morning and munching on organic saltines and string cheese. It's been easing things. And the nausea is certainly reassuring.


Jjh I saw that too!! Pretty funny. Not sure if that's what is causing my major queasies ROTFLMAO.gif

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Well, according to nearly every due date calendar I can find, our EDD is Nov 17th.  I have no gut feeling about the gender, but one of my best friends swears up and down it's a girl so I guess I'll go with that!

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