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Hi, my name is fireweed. My EDD is Nov 13, and I think I'm having a boy.

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Hi mamas! Finally going "public" here though I've been lurking for about a month.  EDD is 11.12.13...this is our 4th and for the first time I have no gut feeling about sex...my bigs both think it's a girl, DH is guessing boy...I think I should go with ???? for the master list;)  Congrats to all!

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Yay!  Welcome to the new mamas!!!!

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My screen name and my real name are the same, Kelli Mae.  My EDD is Nov 23, and if I had to guess right now I'd say girl :)

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Updating to here.

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mommy2julia is due 11/12/13

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caritasrainbow~ rain 11/27
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Thanks for keeping it updated Kamiro. I think smlame, rose hollo and newgirlintown have all been moved to in our thoughts grouphug.gif





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Hi Mama's! Our EDD is Nov.5th and the feeling is all girl! Nice to be with you all!

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Hello Mama's,  Patience2013 here.  Due date is Nov. 6th, 2013.  My guess is boy since my 4 dd's, pregnancies were all very similar & this one is completely opposite.  Also, one of the yoga ladies came up to me & told me I'm def having a boy.  I hope she is right!!

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tank due 11/13/13

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My EDD is the 26th, i hope its a girl but feel like it will be a boy! :) Either way i will be stoked!!!!

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Hello mamas! New here! I am due with #4 (and the very last) November 15. Hoping for another boy...but if we have another girl...I'm just going to spoil my son rotten lol.

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nov. 14th.  I think it's a girl :)

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MamacitaD... November 17 according to ultrasound... I think it's a girl

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Im have been given 2 due dates 5th and 7th November. Im guessing a boy - last time though guessed a boy and was a girl. My DD is sure she is having a sister!

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We are officially having a girl! Guess I was wrong with my guess!
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How exciting smile.gif are you still going to do the 20 weeks anatomy scan?
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Can't find where to post for support but I had a missed miscarriage. Devestated
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Caritasrainbow I am so sorry!! That happened to me last pregnancy and it really is devastating. Please know you are in our thoughts. Here are the pregnancy and birth loss forums if you need them: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/22/pregnancy-and-birth-loss


And when you feel ready I recommend the trying to conceive after loss forum.

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