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If you've found out the sex of your baby I think it would be fun to see some updates and see who was right with their predictions!

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I am due 23 November. I guessed that I was having a boy and I was right!
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well i guess boy but i felt like it was a girl and it is a girl

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My EDD is Nov. 12th and we're having a boy (our DD is 17 months)

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I guessed boy, because I felt SO much different than I did with DD, and I was right! We are having a boy stork-boy.gif

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I'm due Nov 14th with a boy!
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Lots of baby boys!!!

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Hi, late to the party - just joined the group!
I'm due on Nov. 1
Baby could arrive in October since we might have to induce, but I'd really rather s/he comes on his/her own!

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I guessed boy and our ultrasound said boy!
The tech didn't have a good view so she wasn't 100%. I'm kind of hoping maybe she was wrong and we have a surprise girl. :-)
Either way I'm happy baby is here soon.
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Hi, everyone, I just got here although I lurk around the Mothering site quite a bit. 


I'm due with this wee one around November 21st. Due to my much heavier than usual nausea in the first trimester I think this may be a girl, but we aren't getting any ultrasounds, unless medically necessary, so the likelihood of me finding out before the wee one is born is very slim. 

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I am also late because I have been in December's group.


I am Tiffa, my Due Date is November 24th. I am guessing it's a girl, and will find out very soon!

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Hello ladies.  I guessed boy based on this pregnancy being so different than my 4 girls.  And I was wrong.  Ultrasound shows girl.  I seriously thought it was def a boy & even one of the ladies that I went to yoga with said she really felt boy.  But 2 ultrasounds show girl.

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Hi ladies, I am expecting a GIRL Nov 22nd! joy.gif

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Had my ultrasound today! I guessed girl just because I always pictured a little girl. But as we were sitting in the waiting room I thought "It's a boy." And it is a BOY! We are so excited!

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It's a Girl for us!
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Just wanted to come back and update that were having a girl and not a boy! I couldn't be more excited smile.gif
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stork-girl.gif Yeah, Jjh!! joy.gifCongrats, mamajoy.gifAnd congrats to you Sotohana!! joy.gif

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We got our ultrasound today, and it looks like a third boy!  We were trying for a girl, but oh well.  Boys are fun.

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Patience- you might still be right :)  My friend was told girl in two later u/s and she was born a he.  I didn't know they could be off in a later u/s.  I have a reiki friend who was certain ours was a girl.  My intuition was going back and forth, even after the tech said girl, I kept second guessing.


jjh5351-did they tell you boy first or were you guessing?  We were told 90% sure girl, but the later u/s showed a showing off boy, lol.


Hapersmion-you and I :)  Three boys.  

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I'm Crissy and my due date is 27 Nov. I thought I was having a boy, but we found out we're having a baby girl! This is our first =)

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