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Hi everyone!  I was in the October DDC, because we weren't exactly sure about dating, but my EDD is now officially Nov. 2.  I'm having a boy feeling, but that's probably just because I already have a DS.  My DS was born on his due date on 11/7, so maybe this one will come right on time too?


How are all you ladies feeling?  I'm sick all the time.  I had some morning sickness with my first, but nothing this bad.  Everything smells just awful, and I'm constantly worried I'm going to throw up at work.  I hate this part at work when no one knows yet, but I'm tired and sick at work all the time.  Everyone must think I'm so lazy!  Speaking of which, I'm totally tempted to close my office door and take a 20 minute nap right now.  So, so tired at 2 pm.

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I'm still not feeling much! Yesterday I finally got morning sickness and was so happy about it. But then today nothing again!! I really hope it picks up. People who have it bad probably think I'm crazy! But I just want to know that little bean is healthy. I should be entering my 7th week.

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I haven't been sick at all yet, except for a moment of mild nausea the other day. I feel kinda bad, because my friend who is a few weeks ahead of me has been hit really hard with morning sickness. I'm wicked exhausted, though, and my sense of smell has become super sensitive. My taste buds are off a bit, too, but mostly I can still eat whatever! eat.gif I just started week six, so we'll see how that changes over the next week or two!
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Think I got every one til this post.

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EDD is Nov. 22. Second baby... Hoping for a boy this time!

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Had us today and saw a hb! Not been given an Edd yet, im 6 to 7 weeks so will say Nov 1st.

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Wow, that's early for a heartbeat!  Good sign!  Congrats.

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Thanks, so relieved after two mmc to see that little hb, I was so nervous. All being well my next appointment will be at 10 weeks smile.gif

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Sienna: So happy for you!! I remember the relief and joy I felt after seeing DS's heartbeat at 6 weeks after our miscarriage. Congratulations! joy.gif


Ablemec: I was really sick with DS2... so far I'm feeling good this pregnancy and praying that it continues to stay that way. Throwing up all day, every day is AWFUL and something I hope to never experience again! hug.gif

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My name is Erin.  My EDD is 11/16.  This will be Number 2 for us :-)  My guess is girl!

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Originally Posted by Sienna-forever View Post

Had us today and saw a hb! Not been given an Edd yet, im 6 to 7 weeks so will say Nov 1st.

What a beautiful sight!
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My name is Janae and I'm due with my 3rd on November 5th. I think we're having another boy, although I had a dream that was about giving birth to a baby girl.

I'm not having many symptoms yet at 6w0d. My sense of smell is heightened, and breastfeeding isn't super comfortable, but not much nausea. I am pretty tired though, but I have been able to take lots of naps with my 20mo. :-)
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Hi! I'm Krisia and due with my second around November 15th. I have to go by my guess at ovulation since it was the cycle after a miscarriage, but according to the EWCM I probably ovulated around Feb 21. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this sticky bean! I have a 20 mo adorable little boy, and would like a girl this time, but I'd also be happy with another little guy.

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jmc78, Jene. EDD Nov. 7th. First time mom here! Not sure about the gender, or genders yet! i have my first u/s on friday. :)

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EDD: November 14th

Guess: girl


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I'm due November 6th. I think it's a boy. Number 2 for us.
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Winter2013 due date is the 16th nov. No clue which gender yet, and no symptoms other than maybe slightly more tired than usual.

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Hapersmion - due date, going by ovulation, is the 18th!  This is our third, and we tried for a girl (not that I'm very convinced that gender-skewing methods will actually work), so that will be my guess, I suppose.  We have two boys.  I also had a miscarriage between the boys, at 15 weeks, so I'm trying not to be nervous, because I'll have to stay nervous for the next three months.  :P 

Not many symptoms this time, except some tightness and achiness in my uterus region, same as I had the last two times.  Freaked me right out last time, but that pregnancy went perfectly.  I had my first baby breech at the Farm, and the second head-down at home!  (The odds seem to be about 1 in 3 for breech babies in our families, so we'll see how this one turns!)


Hi, everyone!

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Wow, the farm!! You are a childbirth celebrity! (I had my 2nd at home, head and hand first)
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Airforcekitten21/November 27th/Guess: Boy

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