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Marie, EDD Nov 23, probably a boy :)

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Saara687 = Saara :) November 26th EDD & I'm guessing girl.

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Sarah, EDD Nov. 6, husband had a dream that it's a boy, so that's my guess  :) 

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Irishmomma10 - I am sorry to hear about the loss of your baby. I hope you find a piece of solace in the quote I posted by AA Milne. You take care of yourself and make sure others take care of you during this time! ((hugs))


As a side note, I am really thankful to be surrounded by mature women who would like to remember those of us who lose along the way. It is always painful to me to bond with women in a DDC, have a loss, and then after a few condolenses it is like she never existed in the due date club. We are all emotionally vulnerable during pregnancy, even more so after a loss.

Maybe this is just a general thought, but if someone loses along the way (Heaven Forbid any more) certain ones could remember that persons due date, or maybe see how the mama is doing a few weeks after the loss?

I know it seems awkward to still be pregnant and contacting a mama who lost - could seem insensitive even - but I can assure you that the vast majority of women who are experiencing loss or have -- are just touched that people remember and still care.

Anyways, this is just my thoughts on the subject. In my last DDC I made the effort to let a few women know I still remember and care, and it has been a real blessing and a reminder that we deal with real people on the internet.


Ok... Take care everyone! I'll quit rambling now..


and I am caught up to here.

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I completely agree. It's so difficult, I had a very early loss a few months ago, and some emotional support would have been great from anyone. Thankfully I had my TWW group.
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Irishmomma, I am so very sorry.

And I totally agree with the subsequent comments about honoring the mamas who experience loss.
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Hi everyone! I 'think' I am due November 20th but since I can't remember last AF I will have to wait to see. This is number 5. I have 4 girls and I have a strong feeling I am carrying twins.........again! Hoping to get more details soon!

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Thank you all for the kind words.  I have high hopes that I will be back in the next couple of months with another BFP.  This was my second loss (with a healthy baby boy in between) and has been physically so much easier on my body.  This loss was a few weeks earlier than the last and my hormone levels dropped instantly (which was the battle with our prior loss).  Thank you all again for your sympathy and encouragement and best wishes for healthy pregnancies!   

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Take care Irish, and wishing you that bfp in a couple of months. 

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So glad to hear from you, irishmomma!  Feel free to drop in anytime.  smile.gif

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Hi Everyone!


I'm Abby and I'm pregnant with my first. EDD is November 25th. Good to meet y'all!

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So positive, IrishMomma! Love it.

Welcome new mamas! joy.gif
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Yay another first time mom! Welcome!
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Well, I've been participating off and on in the group and I'm becoming more confident in this pregnancy so I guess you can add me. 


SilaMarila baby #2 EDD 11/27/2013 guessing boy


We've ben though a lot to get here - Infertility, infertility treatments, 2 early losses, trying for 2.5yrs. I'm taking this one day at a time and praying this is the baby that joins our family. Praying I won't have to leave another DDC. I will likely hover between here and the Dec DDC because if this one is anything like our DS it will be a Dec baby!

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My partner is due with our 3rd on November 14th---girl!?

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Meksmama  Estimated due date 11/29 if I go by LMP (but if I go by date of conception 11/25)   I am thinking girl since my cycle was way off. 

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This is our first pregnancy and I have no idea about the gender at this point. Based on LMP, my due date should be November 18th but I think I ovulated late so it could be closer to Thanksgiving.

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Based on BBC, my EDD is Nov. 26. I'm not sure though, since my cycles are crazy and I don't know when I O'd. I'll probably go into December, since I tend to go late. I'm going to guess boy, only because most kids in DH's family are boys.

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Welcome officially Silamarila!! So, so excited for you joy.gifAll the twin talk about your beta results on the SR thread has me wondering again about myself (my family is convinced we have twins). I got my first BFP at 8 DPO and my betas were 96 at 11 DPO and 238 at 13 DPO. I keep reading conflicting information about beta levels and progesterone at varying DPO being indicative or not of multiples. Time will tell!!


And a huge Welcome.gif and Congrats to all the new mamas!! Can't wait to get to know you all.

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I've been reading along, and I think I feel confident enough in this pg to start posting...so, I'm Beth, guessing I'm due around the 15th. This will be baby #5 (pg #9). I have a feeling its a girl, which I would love - our first three are girls - but I would also be happy to be wrong and have another little boy, ds is 15 months and so much fun.
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