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Why do I keep readying this thread? The more I read the worse it gets.
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Serafina, perhaps you aren't aware, but the inquest found that Savita died due to medical misadventure (i.e., malpractice), not due to being denied an abortion. It was actually determined that an abortion would not have saved her life anyway because the infection had already set in by that point. Funny how that side of the story was not trumpeted by the media, eh?


Also, direct abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother.


I really encourage you to do additional research in this regard.

She begged for an abortion soon after she was admitted and it was quickly determined that she was miscarrying and there was nothing they could do, the fetus no longer had any chance of survival.  She begged for them to expedite the process and abort the fetus because the miscarriage was taking an extremely long time and was excruciatingly painful for her.  After several days, she went septic and died.  Medical malpractice indeed.  Directly linked to their unwillingness to do anything but put their hands in their pockets and refuse a woman (and her husband's) requests for medical treatment because the country suffers from a blanket ban on abortion in their constitution.


I have no need to do additional research on abortion, I'm thrilled that the US has had legal, safe abortion available for women for over 40 years (thanks to the supreme court decision back then, of course) and I try to just trust in the democratic process that American women will never have to suffer and die due to restrictive medical care based on religious dogma the way they do in a catholic country such as Ireland, ---- and I heartily hope I personally never have to make any decision regarding abortion, as I have been very lucky and blessed thusfar in my reproductive journey.

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The Ireland case wasn't about genetics.
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I'm sorry to have gotten on such a tangent on the pro life vs pro choice debate.  I apologize and I'll recuse myself from this thread and hope people forgive me for being part of the problem here.

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I know its easy to get off topic concerning this. Mothering is often a safe place to discuss the overmedicalisation/institutionalisation of motherhood. Yet this one slid and I'm the moderator (the only one) hint hint.
If anyone wants to help out
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I've been trying to stay out since the other day! It was partly my fault that it shifted to an abortion discussion which wasn't my original intention at all, but then I felt the need to clarify things... I was just trying to highlight the pressure associated with testing and diagnosing!! Sorry all for the shift!

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