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Post pertussis cough

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Hi. My 15 month old had suspected pertussis in November, which we successfully treated with homeopathy. We've had a few illnesses since then, and it seems like each time he gets a cough now it turns into that hard whooping cough sounding cough for a awhile. Is this to be expected? Anyone here have experience with post pertussis coughs?
Thanks you.
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I think it's to be expected.

My son got something in November too. They did test and couldn't rule pertussis in or out with the first results and we didn't follow up as there was nothing to be done anyway. I did high dose vitamin C and, if he did have it, it was milder. But my understanding was, once the initial wave is gone, viruses can trigger it back. That certainly happened with my son. We're still getting it but the severity and duration is less over time it seems.
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I had whooping cough as a preteen, and got a similar cough from upper respiratory infections throughout my teen years. It didn't last like when I had whooping cough, but sounded the same. Eventually it stopped happening, but I still worry when I get a cold.
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It's to be expected for at least 6 months, until the cilia in the lungs are fully repaired. I've never heard of anything that can help them heal sooner. The only thing you can do is try to avoid/reduce any colds/flus etc to give them a chance to repair themselves.

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