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What's Your Favorite Pregnancy Tea?

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And why? I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea, but my Naturopath wants me to add a more complete tea as well.
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Curious what your naturopath recommends, and what he/she means by more complete teas.

I drink mostly RRL tea (when I remember).

Sometimes I'll add nettle tea (high in iron, but my iron is high anyway atm.)

Oatstraw tea (counteracts the effects of stress)

Chamomile tea (calming, plus I grew it and have lots ;) )



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RRL tea and Nettle are the best for pregnancy from what I read. Most pregnancy teas include those 2 and maybe peppermint for flavor. I think peppermint has some health benefits too, but yeah. I have been making iced tea with nettle, RRL, and peppermint tea. Just throw a bunch of bags according to what I think would be good for a gallon of tea. Think it works out to be 3 bags RRL(gonna up it to like 6 or more), 4 bags peppermint, 8 bags nettle. Some use loose herbs to brew. I have yet to try that, though I'm sure it's easy enough. Just too lazy to figure it out.


If you want a name brand preggo tea, the yogi pregnancy tea is pretty good and not terribly expensive. The traditional medicinals one is good too, but pricier. I buy on amazon or vitacost usually. It's much better priced that way.

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Every night, my husband boils a gallon sized pot of water and adds a decent handful of RRL and a smaller amt of nettle. It steeps over night, he puts it in the fridge before he leaves for work in the morning and I drink all of it every day. It used to last me two days before I got pregnant, although thru the first tri, I couldn't drink on an empty stomach and I had a hard time eating for a while, so I didn't drink nearly as much each day. 

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I have tried so many times to drink tea but just can't stomach it. So upsetting.
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I was doing RRL, nettle infusions with a bit of mint but now I think they taste terrible. I think I will either try cutting out the nettle or decreasing it substantially since I think that may be causing the problem. Susun Weed recommends simples, not blends, when it comes to tonic teas/infusions so I may take her up on that. She does say it is okay to use half as much mint, however.
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You know, now that I think about it, she may have said RRL tea or pregnancy tea. Pregnancy brain, bah! What I've been doing is adding a bag of RRL to my chai tea that I've been drinking every morning already. I usually have one or two cups each day. Ice tea is still not sounding good to me at all, but as the weather warms up I may have to give it another try. I didn't realize nettle was used for pregnancy, I just thought it was for allergies.
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I am loving the RRL. Nettles gave me a face itch rash. I wanna get some lavender like it has in my prenatal, i love the smell.
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I make either nettles with alfalfa, or oatstraw decoction, or red raspberry leaf. Mostly I alternate nettles with rrl made the night before or cooked down that day. I have learned that the high mineral herbs can be cooked to get more mineral- and oatstraw simmered for an hour is totally different from a tea bag... it helps me sleep so well.
Sometimes I'll add skullcap or chamomile or rosehips. Depending on my mood.

I use all loose herbs, bought at mountain rose herbs online.
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Originally Posted by lolliegee View Post

 I didn't realize nettle was used for pregnancy, I just thought it was for allergies.


When reading about it, it has a broad spectrum of benefits. 

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Now that you've brought it up I'm remembering that my midwife was recommending peppermint for slow digestion issues.
I didn't realize that oat straw was good for sleep. I'll definitely have to find some of that.
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I'm not much of a tea drinker but I do like peppermint tea on occaision. I often steep nettles tea for my hubby (amazing stuff for his allergies) I am going to start drinking it too. Thanks for the idea :)

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what is a "complete" tea?

I still love my orange pekoe in the morning. Kinda simple that way I guess. 

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I think she just meant something with more than one ingredient. I have hearing loss though and sometimes I miss things and don't realize it until later. I'll have to ask her next time I see her what she meant.
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Anyone use Female Toner tea by Traditional tea by Traditional Medicinals? The place I get my RRL tea was out, but they had this which also has RRL and Nettle, but a few other things as well. Since it's the weekend I can't ask my NP or MW if the other ingredients are safe for use in pregnancy.
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What is the ingredient list?
Sometimes they put things like yarrow or Angelica (dong quai) in women's teas which can be great for the stagnation that causes cramping but not great for pregnancy.
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Dang, it does have angelica in it. Guess I'll save it for later then. Will have to get some RRL next time I go into the bigger town (about 25 minutes away). We only have one place here that sells it and they're a bit on the slow side getting stuff in.
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Don't know if you like to order from amazon, but they have RRL in bulk and regular pregnancy tea and it's typically cheaper than at the local stores. 

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