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Just had to share!!! :)

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So with all the uncertainty happening around here right now with this storm coming tomorrow and potentially dumping 12-18 inches on us... We probably won't be able to get out of here to get to my dr appt on Thursday to get my stitch out! That is if the dr office is even open! Which if it does get that bad it's unlikely they would even open! I'm pretty FRUSTERATED with it, cuz ill have to wait til Monday if we can't go Thursday... Bummed is an understatement!

So anyway, I ordered this little gown for the baby last week embroidered with her name and it just arrived this evening!!!!! I needed something to distract me and lighten my mood and this did it! Idk why... but seeing her name "in thread" makes it SOOOO real!!! I can't stop crying! I'm SO excited to be her momma smile.gif

*and since I can't share with anyone cuz we aren't telling her name to anyone IRL til she's born I wanted to share it here!! orngbiggrin.gif

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I really hope you can make it to your appt on Thursday. 

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Boo for appointment issues, but how stinking cute is that! Did I ever mention that my youngest daughter was *this close* to being Mira instead of Meridith? I was leaning toward Mira but we hadn't settled on a name and she was a week old so we all sat down as a family and my (then) 8 year old started crying because she just knew her name was supposed to be Meridith... Anyway, LOVE that name!

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Love, love, love the name and the spelling with a "K". 

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Oh BeanBean!  Sorry about the snow and possibly having to wait another 4 days to ditch your stitch!  hug2.gif  


But the gown is too cute!  love.gif  And I love the name too!  No matter what the weather does, you are almost there!

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Thank you all!!! We love it and her name and have felt it was perfect for her since we found out she was a girl back in November! She's such a miracle, so Mira is the only name that would fit smile.gif and we decided on Klaire with a "K" in honor of my momma Kathy that passed away suddenly in July 11, '11. Mira was conceived on july 11, '12. She was totally sent to us from my mom smile.gif

So it looks like the snow wasn't as bad as they were originally saying... I think we might be fine getting out if here in the morning, assuming the office is open! And I've been sitting here crying about it! HA! Pregnancy hormones suck! Lol I've been weepy for days cuz I might have to wait til Monday, and then when I finally came to terms with it now it looks like tomorrow might work out after all and I'm crying abt that! LOL ahhhhh!
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Love her name! Beautiful! My DD's middle name is Claire. Her first name is spelled "uniquely" by one letter, though.
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smile.gif So sweet! My oldest DD's middle name is Claire. When I had my second dd someone bought her little white satin shoes with her name on the strap. I LOVED them! I found out where they got them from (personalization mall) and I am going to get some for this baby if it's a girl. 


I hope everything goes well with the stick removal! 

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Sooo cute! 

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