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Snappi friendly fabric

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I must be google impaired tonight, because I am not seeing this.  Can anyone give me the skinny on snappi friendly fabrics.  I plan on sewing some cheapy prefolds and want to use flannel, but I'm not sure flannel is snappi-able.


Thank you!

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Flannel isn't very snappi friendly.  You can do it, but the teeth don't hold well. This is because the weave is too tight in the fabric for the teeth to get between.  Prefolds are traditionally made out of cotton Birdseye fabric and this is a perfect material for snappis and fairly cheap.  If you really want to use some flannel, you could make the prefolds out of it and make one layer of one side out of a snappi friendly fabric.  Other good fabrics for snappis to grab would be terry cloth or french terry (one side has loops, so put the loops where the snappi can grab).  These can be found in cotton or bamboo fairly easily on line.  They are much more expensive than Birdseye, but also thicker and more absorbent.  And, whatever you use, don't forget to prewash a couple times on hot to preshrink the fabric. If you want any info about where I get any of these fabrics, go ahead and send me a pm.  I'll see it and get you an answer faster that way. Happy diapering!  smile.gif

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thank you so much!


I'm doing this on the cheap, so I'm scouring thrift stores for fabric.  I'll keep my eyes out for terry cloth.  Again, thanks!

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Cheap terry cloth can be had in the form of washcloths or towels.  Sometimes old bathrobes are terry cloth.



This website has good information on cheap, Snappi-friendly diaper stashing.

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