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When it might be pertussis !!!

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This started with my DD 6 getting a fever.  It domino effected over the next week, with sneezing and flu like symptoms. 3 and a half weeks of coughing later... my DD 6 is getting over it fine, my DS 5 is still having night time attacks but not vomiting any more, my DD 3 and my DD 5mo are both coughing throughout the day and having attacks/vomiting at night. I keep waiting for them to show signs of improvement, but nothing. Took them to the doc. He listened to their lungs and said they were too clear to have pertussis. Suggested that the 4 may have allergies/colds due to wood stove. He suggested giving the two younger ones cough syrup. I am breastfeeding DD 4mo and giving DD 3 cherry bark remedy, cod liver oil, no sugar diet and lots of sunshine. I am scared for my babies. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Hi there. Big hugs to you! When my youngest was 10 months old, all three of my kids, and my DH had pertussis. It was a hard time bc it is not called the 100 days cough for nothing.

Anyway, about three weeks in, I began high dose vitamin C protocols, as outlined at www.doctoryourself.com. Plus, I was prescribed homeopathic drosera 300 c for all of them. Learning about vitamin c and its great power in gram level doses changed all of our lives for the better. Everyone recovered in short order, but I know how scary it is to be up all night hearing that awful cough, and waiting for that breath. I want to acknowledge the awfulness of it, but I never felt it was life threatening.

Also want to add that, of course, doctors wanted to put everyone on antibiotics, and we did have confirmed pertussis. By the time children are so symptomatic, antibiotics only prevent spread of infection, and can actually marked weaken the patient, making it harder to recover. So, we opted not to use the abx. There is a lot of research up there, so please do read up and make a choice that feels best for your family. There are also viruses that act and feel just like pertussis. Any would respond well to vita c, as well as homeopathic drosera, in my opinion. Bless you all!
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One thin about coughing is at one of the bodies ways to expel the crap that in there. Cough medicine suppresses the cough, but doesn't get rid of the junk. I would avoid any kind of cough suppressant unless they needed it to sleep.

Whether its pertussis or not is kind of irrelevant, since there's not much to be done either way. I know how rough those coughs can be, though, and I'm hoping things improve soon!
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You could try honey for your child over a year. Plus, vitamin c and I put garlic oil in orange juice. Elderberry if you can get them to drink it. Lavender oil on the chest and neck to help them sleep.

I personally hate coughs as one of mine as had bronchitis probably 10 times.
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Thank you ladies. I stayed up way too late reading the bounty of posts on here, but it was worth it. Velveeta, I am encouraged by your words. I am going to get my hands on some ascorbic acid and proceed with caution. Thank you again.

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