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Potty recommendations

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I've been looking into getting my 11 week old a potty. She's getting heavy to hold over the sink but I'm still too nervous to hold her sitting on the toilet. I have a yogurt container that I use once in a while but I have to hold it and her on me because it's too unstable. I saw the Baby Bjorn potty has a high back but it's expensive. I saw the Summer Infant Lil' Loo potty which is half the price and looks like it has a high back but I can't find the dimensions any where. Anyone have experience with this potty? Or have another potty to recommend?
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People also really like the Beco potty.. I've seen them in Walmart I believe.

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The baby bjorn smart potty is perfect. It has a removable insert which is very handy. I've been using it with my 6 month old since she was about 8 weeks. It is only about $10-$15 on Amazon and in my opinion totally worth it. 

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The baby bjorn potty chair is often on sale at half price at babies are us. I have both that and the bb little potty a pp mentioned and DD likes them both. She was much older though when I started her so the high back may be a good idea.
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Okay so I got the Summer Infant potty which is nice because it has a high back which helps old up my baby since she's only 14 weeks old. The splash guard isn't very high. Once DD peed over it and she's a girl.

Having said all that, I've run into a snag. I put her on the potty and she starts to pee and then almost immediately stops and won't start back up again. I've waited as long as 5 min before giving up, holding her in arms over the sink and she'll then go right away. I'm not sure what's spooking her about the chair. Anyone have any experience with this or advice?
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