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Advice for a mom with long time ppd

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Ok. I need some ideas and maybe sympathy/support. I have been dealing with ppd off and on since I had dd 3 years ago, now my youngest is 13 months. In that time, I've moved (twice across country, 11 times total) while pregnant and with an infant and toddler. My dh committed some crimes and just before this I started realizing that what I was dealing with was not just in my head/me being crazy as he said but emotional abuse which was growing closer to physical abuse. In October he was caught (I won't go into details, no) we separated and shortly after I went to the women's shelter with my kids. Two months. We now have our own place, I have managed to get subsidy for two days per week of daycare for my daughter who is beginning an evaluation process for behavioural issues (which preceded all this). My son mostly nurses at night at this point. I have considered weaning many times but I don't think I'm ready yet. Dd nursed until a few months ago. I think weaning would only reinforce my feelings of not bring able to provide the family my kids need.
So, I think if my life wasn't an ongoing mass of dealing with two court systems, lawyers, social workers, police, lots and lots of screaming from my child, and doing it all alone b/c my husband has supervised visits once per week only... Maybe I'd actually be ok.
As it is, I'm really struggling.
My naturopath suggested rhodiola so I was taking that plus b vitamins and cod liver oil. I think it helped but not enough.
I can't be sure if its still ppd because my situation is so complicate and ds is over a year but my symptoms have started after dd... And if all this hadnt happened and I had gone back to school this winter as planned, I would probably be fine, or better.

My doctor prescribed citalopram (celexa) but I did some research and I'm just not comfortable with the transfer rate into milk... I'm also dealing with a borderline eating disorder (yes I have a coubselor and we are dealing with everything) and I'm terrified to gain weight. I'm a normal weight right now.

Can anyone suggest what has worked for them that has a lower/lowest transfer rate to breast milk? And what is known not to cause weight gain? I will take your ideas back to my doctor. I don't think she has a ton of experience with breastfeeding and meds. I'm also nervous because I did try St. John's wort several times but with a few weeks I noticed my ds being very irritable and seeming to have an upset stomach. If ssri's work similarly wouldn't that also affect him? He's very sensitive... As soon as I stopped each time he started feeling better.

I was reading the thread about SamE so I think I will try that until my doctor's appointment... I think my symptoms and situation are intense enough that I might need meds though.

Please give me suggestions!

I forgot to say I'm having some OCD type symptoms like obsessively researching things online over and over again, being obsessed with the cleanliness of my house, the eating stuff ties in too
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Anybody? I'm barely getting through the day here. When I tried the celexa I felt like I couldn't lift my arms to pick up my son and felt in a total fog. Yes I know two days is not long enough to test it but the public health nurse thought it was a weird reaction
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Wow... I'm about to give up on mothering.com
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I'm sorry, D. It sounds as though the last few years have been extremely difficult for you. And your feelings and grief are completely understandable. You have left an abusive relationship and are trying to get yourself back to a good place. I commend you for being so dedicated to both yourself and you children.

My advice would be to find a local LLL leader and ask her to help you look at the profiles of the medications that you are considering with "Hale's Medication and Mother's Milk" it is THE resource for nursing and meds, and it's very comprehensive. All Leaders can access it through the Professional Liason Dept of LLL, even if they don't own a copy themselves. Many antidepressants are compatible with breastfeeding. And as your little one gets older, he is getting less milk, and even less transfer.

Here is a good (though older) summary from dr Hale on Kellymom. The newest edition of his book will have more up to date info, of course. But it's a good place to start.


Once you have some things you'd like to try, it's just a matter of making your doc prescribe it. But you sound like the kind if patient who doesn't have a problem advocating for herself. smile.gif And you can certainly bring in the quoted info from Hale's to help if you like.

Good luck, Mama! Don't give up on MDC yet. I know I just saw this post on my "new posts" feed, hopefully others will see it soon too.
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Hi, I just wanted to offer support.  I'm not on meds now, so don't know the answer to your question, but I'm suffering from ppa/ppd too.  I'm not sure if its ok to mention on this board, but I've found this mothering board to be pretty slow for the postpartum depression forum.  There is a great group of ladies that are active on babycenter.com in the postpartum anxiety and depression group.  Many of the women are on meds and may be able to offer their input.  Take care, you are not alone.

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I'm sorry for the late reply. It took me a long time to find this forum. I hope you can find a more talkative forum for this issue.


I also have struggled with long-time PPD. I took Zoloft because that seemed to be the drug with the best record in breastfeeding mothers as far as I can see. I don't know about weight gain. I thought it was causing me to gain weight so I stopped taking it 6 months ago, but I'm still gaining weight, so I guess I can't really blame the medication.

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Send me a PM. I can help you with homeopathy!

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