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It's almost the opposite here really.....you get a mw and all pregnancy care is free, UNLESS you choose to go private and get a private OB and then you pay. eyesroll.gif

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Which makes total sense considering how much the intervention-happy OBs cost!!  The low cost option should be free, not the other way around.


I'm thinking we dig into our savings and do the MW anyway.  DH is not on board with this decision at all, but he doesn't have to get all that crap done to his body :(  He'll come around.

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My husband's old roommate's mom (we're really closer than it sounds ROTFLMAO.gif) is a midwife of 25+ years so once I got to know her and see what midwifery is all about, there was no question what route we were gonna take when we finally got here.  And DH is 100% on board with it, too.  Our insurance is a high deductible health plan, so it was gonna cost us money no matter what.  Since we've gotta pay, we're gonna make it what we want.

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If e had to pay either way, we would definitely go wi a home birth. My problem is its hospital $0 vs. home birth $3500. I see my old midwife is holding a meet the midwife night on April 3rd, I'm thinking I'll go talk to her...

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The birth center hosted a nutrition seminar last night so I went mostly to see my midwife.  There wasn't a whole lot of new info presented, but I was excited to see her for the first time since getting my BFP.  (I was there about a week and a half ago interviewing her and touring the birth center, but we were only TTC at that point.)  When we get closer to it, we'll make our first appointment for around 12 weeks.  That's pretty standard since she doesn't do ultrasounds and there's not much to listen to before that point.  I wanna hurry up and get to 12 weeks already, but I'm trying to just take it slow and enjoy this time.

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I was going to wait until 8 weeks. But I had a panic session last week (at 6 weeks) and decided to go in and get my beta levels checked (I only did one draw, couldn't handle the stress of a second). I was just feeling really stressed and anxious, so seeing my Dr really helped.


He gave me a referral for an ultrasound but now that I'm feeling more relaxed I'm in no hurry to get it done. I would like to confirm viability but its like this back and fourth of wanting to know and wanting to keep living in blissful ignorance. Last time at our first ultrasound we found out I had a missed miscarriage.

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hug2.gif I'm hoping for no more scares for you, superbeans!

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I'm going tomorrow to talk a nurse then next week the doctor. I haven't seen a doctor in 2 years so I need to be checked all around not just for the baby.
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I scheduled my appointment for 10 weeks. I don't do any early testing/ultrasounds, so there's no need for me to go in any earlier. I'm going to see my family doctor here so that insurance will cover it and then switch to my homebirth midwives when we move. I've talked to them over the phone and plan on just keeping them updated on what's going on until we get there. 

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Does anyone want to fill me in on what exactly they do at an 8 week appointment? They said history and physical, plus "testing" whatever that means. I kind of want to know if it's worth it to go at 8 weeks or just wait. I'm having second thoughts lol
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Does anyone want to fill me in on what exactly they do at an 8 week appointment? They said history and physical, plus "testing" whatever that means. I kind of want to know if it's worth it to go at 8 weeks or just wait. I'm having second thoughts lol

I would imagine it's just the same as the 10-12 week appointment, but there seem to be so many more tests and ultrasounds that women are having these days, so I'm not entirely sure. I'd wait a couple of weeks if you just plan on doing the basic blood work, measurements, and listening for baby's heartbeat (which we don't usually hear until at least 10 weeks). 

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Hmm I may just wait until 10 weeks, then. Ill see if I feel like I need an appointment at that 8 week mark, if I don't, I may cancel... Ill probably change my mind every day until then smile.gif
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Oh and thank you much for your information. I'm clearly clueless haha I appreciate you all a lot smile.gif
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The testing they are referring to is probably the routine bloodwork and a pelvic exam if you are due for that.  They won't do anything else at the first visit.


I just made an appt. with an OB and I'm going to have to dump my midwife to save $$.   :(  I am not happy about this at all.  I am taking one for the team :(

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Sorry about your routine change for your providers greensad.gif but thanks for the info!
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Good to read people's thoughts on this subject as I'm undecided when to make my first appointment. Now I'm thinking of phoning at 8 weeks to schedule my first appointment around 9 or 10 weeks. I want to see my doctor/midwife before 12 weeks because that week should be the first ultrasound and I don't want it to get put back later than week 12 as I'll be anxious to know everything is okay etc.

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So much for my plans! I had another freak out yesterday and decided to get the ultrasound done. I had originally wanted to wait until after 8 weeks to check viability as if theres a heart beat at the point the chances are pretty good for a healthy pregnancy. So we ended up doing the ultrasound at 7 and a half weeks. All looked good and Im going to try really hard not to keep freaking out!!

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suoerbeans will you have another u/s? I had one too at 6/7 weeks, and will be seen again at 10 if all is going well. Unsure of if/when to have further u/s's. Congrats again .

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You know I was just thinking I needed to do some research on it. The biggest concern for me is that I heard of possible linking between too many early ultrasounds and autism. Is there really a link? Who knows. BUT autism runs in my family and if we do have a child with autism I will feel guilty if we did lots of early ultrasounds... even if its not actually linked I'll have that what if feeling, ya know? I really would like to be more hands off during this pregnancy and trust my body. Though so far I havent been good at it!!


The ultrasound tech said because of my history we should repeat the ultrasound in 2-3 weeks. I told her I would call to schedule but I really would like to keep my fear in control and not call. I mean if we do loose the baby what does it really matter if we find out then or a few weeks after? We'll be heart broken either way. I need to let go of this trying to be in charge and work it all out to my standards thing and let my body go with the flow.

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You sound like you're in a similar place to me. The recurrent miscarriage clinic wanted to scan me again at 9 weeks, then 10, then prob 12, and then theres 20 weeks for the anatomy/anomoly scan! Not to mention anything else they may decide given my 2 preemies i.e. cervix screening etc etc. It is mind blowing! I admit it was AMAZING seeing the hb, but as we all know that doesnt give us any guarentees ( although I am determined to think positive!) and I do love the idea of trusting God and trusting my body, and not getting so obsessed with all things clinical.

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