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Superbeans and Sienna, I am holding you close in my heart, mama.  I m/c at almost six weeks in November and even only being pregnant a few weeks still translated into totally feeling devastated. 


I'm going in on Monday which is only six weeks and a couple of days.  it's really  just to do my  history again and take my blood.  I am interested in the blood levels BUT even more I LOVE my m/w and can't wait to talk about all of htis with her since only my DH and a friend know.  Well....and all of you which is awesome :)

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Hi everyone, my due date is a little hazy so I'm floating between the October and November group =) 


We went to a pregnancy clinic for proof of pregnancy for medicaid at 7 weeks and they offered free ultrasounds so we went ahead and did it since we knew it'd be a while before we got into the midwife. Ultrasound said baby was a week behind (meaning I ovulated late, basically). So now I'm really anxious to get to the midwife and see what she says. We're going this Thursday. Going by my LMP, I'll be 9 weeks 3 days, going by the ultrasound I'll be 8 weeks 3 days.


I'm kind of nervous about this midwife and if I'll like her and the facility so I want to get in earlier.

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hi crunchymonkey, i'm in a similar situation regarding dates, I think I ov'd day 26! really late for me. By lmp i'd be due late oct, and i've had an u/s which matches my suspected o day. All the best with the midwife.

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I'm going to be seen tomorrow at 5w4d because I want a rx for vaginal progesterone suppositories. I've miscarried twice in the last year and once before I had my DD -- and I was on the progesterone during the 1st trimester with her. It's just a 'meet and greet' to go over my history and maybe run some bloodwork before they give me the rx. So relieved to have found a wonderful new dr. that will hear me out on this. With my last miscarriage in Sept., I was almost 10 weeks and had to have a D&C. That dr. wouldn't prescribe progesterone so I was out of luck on that one. I also trust it is all in God's hands, no matter what.

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hi crunchymonkey, i'm in a similar situation regarding dates, I think I ov'd day 26! really late for me. By lmp i'd be due late oct, and i've had an u/s which matches my suspected o day. All the best with the midwife.


Heh! It totally makes sense that I ovulated late, we were using 'pull and pray' but only during my fertile period...which I must have been wrong about this time. lol

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I did see the NP yesterday and got my Rx for progesterone. They also ran my blood to see if I have a clotting disorder. If so, they'll have me on daily Heparin injections.


I go back three weeks from today for a dating ultrasound.  smile.gif

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I don't even want to go in at all...  *sigh*  I had a homebirth last time, and my midwife was very nice and calming, but I wasn't 100% happy with her at the birth (she said words, and touched me a couple of times...), and even though I don't think I want to go through the process of getting to know the one other homebirth midwife in the area (didn't like her tone over email, for whatever that's worth), I'm still slightly conflicted about staying with the same one. 

I'm thinking about going in really late.  Like 20 weeks.  I've done this before.  Really, most of me would love to just go unassisted all the way, but I don't think I can get fully onboard with it.  I keep dreaming up ways that it could happen accidentally.  But I know perfectly well that in transition I start wanting a midwife, so it would be unwise for me to take that option away from myself.  *shrug* I just don't want to put up with the appointments, and talking!  So I'm going to sit here and not do anything about it for a while.  :)  Maybe if I wait long enough she'll give me a discount since I won't have so many appointments.  :P

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This is my first, and I'm very anti-doctor, so I had no existing provider relationship. But I had done my research about the area where I live, so I knew there was a small midwife practice nearby. I went in at 3wks to interview the practice, meet the lead midwife, and check out the birth center (my house is just not suitable for a

home birth). Seeing as I was pleased with that visit, I made an appointment for the initial intake appt. and blood draw (I am consenting to almost zero prenatal interventions/tests, but this one blood draw seemed pretty darned necessary) and went in for that at 5w3d, or as I called it "about a minute" pregnant. The next appt is at 11w6d; we will listen for a heartbeat with the Doppler and this time my DH will be along to grill the MW with all of his multitudinous questions (he isn't altogether on board with the out-of-hospital situation; he has reading assignments for that purpose that he hasn't completed). And after that...who knows when I'll go again; because of the fact that I'm refusing most testing and intervention, there's not much use in regular appointments 😖



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I'm seeing an OB-GYN at 7 weeks 2 days because I've had low progesterone in the past and I want to make sure I don't need progesterone pills.  It's also for my peace of mind because I've been struggling with infertility for the past 2.5 years, so I want to make sure everything is working as it should.  I'm not sure if I'll be considered high risk or not.  And this is my first pregnancy, so I don't really know when you're "supposed" to be seen.  I think it depends on the situation and your preferences.

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I work at the local hospital, so 2 days after finding out I was pregnant, I ran into the OB/GYN we were seeing about getting pregnant & she sent me for bloodwork that very day - seems like forever ago now! I had had a scheduled appt. with her for a week from now, but I double booked, and when I called to try to re-book, I was told that my regular doc is the baby doc & I should go see her instead. I really like the OB. She's very crunchy. I have mixed feelings about going back to my regular doc but oh well. The one local midwife comes off of maternity leave in August, and I was put on her waiting list as soon as was possible... so barring any unforseen developments, I'll complete my pregnancy with her. As it stands now, though, my first prenatal appt. will be tomorrow.

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Well I went to the meet the midwife tea my midwife held and got to talk to her. It looks like we can work something out. And though my dh would rather go the free route, he realizes this is important to me, so I think I'm going to get my home birth after all! joy.gif
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Yay Vaquitita!!

My first official appointment with the MW is this coming Thursday, though I've already seen her twice off the record. I'll be a couple of days away from 10w by that point so we'll do the initial blood work and history and stuff. I'm so excited that we're finally here!
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