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Need D and C advice

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I don't know if this qualifies as infertility exactly, but it was the closest board I could find to post my question.


I recently was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. At 11.5 weeks, an ultrasound showed a gestational sac and fetal sac but no baby. The baby seems to have stopped growing prior to 6 weeks, though the sac kept growing until 10-11 weeks. A few days after the ultrasound I started bleeding (Dec 15), a mild to moderate flow that lasted 3 weeks. I thought that was the miscarriage and waited for my next period or positive pregnancy test (started ttc right away). When my period didn't come 10 weeks after the miscarriage (if you're counting from the start of the bleeding and not the end), I called my midwife to ask if that was normal. She thought that was too long and checked my hcg. It was 58, which is pretty low, but still higher than the 0-4 my midwife wanted, so I got an ultrasound, which showed that although my uterus has returned to near normal size, I didn't actually miscarry/pass the sac yet. I am supposed to go in for a consult about scheduling a D and C. I am nervous about getting one because of the risk of scarring or other damage, but if I don't get it, they are concerned about the risk of infection, and I also want to start ttc as soon as I can. It's been probably about 17 weeks since this baby stopped growing, and my body has not resolved it naturally yet. I figured this was a good place to ask for opinions and possible alternatives to D and C. I know there's a medication you can take, but I'm unsure whether that would work in my case since I thought it was meant to shrink the uterus, and mine has already returned to normal size. Any thoughts?

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jjcole- There is a Try to Conceive after loss forum that you will probably get more answers. I had a d & c after a missed miscarriage at 10.5 weeks (a week ago). For us it was a matter of getting it over with and getting back in the game. Depending on who does your surgery there isn't a huge risk for scarring as long as they don't use the surgical scrapers (my doc just used suction). There are a few current threads on the after loss side if you want support through the process of TTC again as well. Best of luck in your decision.

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