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In the hospital...

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I had some contractions on Sunday and then again on Tuesday, when I talked to the doctor Tuesday afternoon the contractions had stopped as I had laid down and drank some extra fluids. I had my u/s and peri consult scheduled for Wednesday, so unless anything changed, they were just going to check on things then. Turns out my cervix is soft, short (2.2) and dilating at the internal os. And I was having contractions that showed up on the monitors. Babies look great, though, and are super active. Right now, Baby A is transverse and B is sitting vertex right on top of her! 

So, I was admitted.  I'm on bed rest, getting indocin for 48 hours and am being monitored on the toco. I'm scheduled for a ffn later this afternoon. Contractions have slowed significantly, thankfully. I'm hoping for the best case scenario - ffn results are negative, contractions don't come back once I'm off the indocin, I get released tomorrow evening on modified bed rest and the duration of the pregnancy progresses to term smoothly, with two healthy baby girls born vaginally. Please...


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I am so sorry MP how stressful and scary. I am so glad that the contractions have slowed down so much, that is a positive sign. Huge hugs and best of luck for you and your babies.

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Oh my goodness! How scary! I will be thinking of you and hose sweet girls! Update us when you can!
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Been thinking of you.  Hopefully some bedrest is all you need

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Thinking of you....
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Hope everything's going ok!!

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Hoping for the best possible for you and those babies! 

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thinking of you and hoping things go just like you want them too for you and the girls! :)

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Thank you, everyone! Just got home. smile.gif
Ffn was negative and contractions stopped. Phew! Bed/couch rest until I see my OB on Monday.
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Oh wow! How scary! So glad the ffn was negative. I'll be sending "babies stay put" thoughts your way!
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