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Mindful moment of the day

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Anyone care to pause and reflect on one moment of your day and share it? 


In my effort to beat the late winter blahs, I'm trying to focus on small, positive aspects of the day instead of being overwhelmed by the overall general suckiness of the weather and the daily grind. 


I take a mental snapshot to appreciate a moment that usually gets overlooked. It's finding a tiny, happy thing. It doesn't have to be a major accomplishment or an awesome headlining kind of thing. In fact, I'm finding it's better if it's a simple, everyday happening that would normally pass without recognition. 


Yesterday's moment posted below. 


I hope some of you will take some time and post your own. I would enjoy hearing a little about your daily life. 

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Late afternoon and even though it was not a bright sunny day, it is still light outside now. Just a couple of weeks ago, it would already be dark. The light is welcome. 


I am standing at the kitchen counter, preparing supper. I haven't shopped for groceries this week. I have excavated the contents of the refrigerator to find enough for a meal. I have already chopped some parsley that was just about to wilt and some fresh tarragon that is a few days past prime. I am making an herbed chicken dish. 


I am plucking leaves of thyme off of the stems and crushing it a little. The fresh scent of the herbs wafts up, smelling like a sunny summer day. I think I could distill it and wear it as perfume. 


At the dining room table, DD is studying for her high school chemistry test. An old favourite Avril Lavigne song is playing and she is singing along absently. She looks up and flashes a bright smile and nostalgically declares how much she loved the song when she was a little kid. 


Outside the kitchen window, in the tall maple tree that overlooks our driveway, branches still bare against a milky light blue sky, a bird calls out a sweet little song of early spring to an invisible mate. It's the first spring birdsong I've heard - or at least noticed - of this year. I smile a little and keep working on the herbs. 

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what an uplifting post.


Hiking with my children tonight we noticed the buds that began growing back a couple weeks ago, are now turning into leaves. It still doesn't seem anywhere near spring, yet flowers are blooming and spring is approaching.


I love noticing the small moments each day!

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as i ran out the door to catch the 6:30 am bus and get to the bus stop




.... its bright light outside. 


no grey sky of early dawn, but bright white sky.


as i look around me in wonder celebrating the light i see the sun peaking out from behind bare branches and a building. for a moment i look for the sun as that whole area is orange. i inhale the fresh crisp morning air and find my sun. and marvel at the colour difference to be able to see the sun. 


a light breeze lifts the tendrils of my hurridly brushed hair. i pull my jacket a little closer and shiver a little. but there is a smile on my face. 


i look around me with new eyes. the light green new tips of that big tree, the little red leaves growth on those hedges, the beautiful pink magnolia gloriously flowering in the yard next door. a couple of noisy canada geese fly right above us. woah hope they can see the giant redwoods as they fly so low. hmmm where are they coming from. there is no water that close by? hmmm...


for the first time i notice the freshly planted flower beds. spring is here. 


for once i am glad the bus is late. 


i smile at the copassenger and continue to look around me - which is there everyday but i dont notice them caught in the hustle and bustle of running helter skelter.


it reminds me of how much i love the early morning. the break of day.



ooh and one more.


not sure if it counts... but thought i'd share anyways. 


for my design class i had to find a piece of artwork that had lots of repetition.


i was looking through artists and not really happy with what i was seeing.


and then BOOM!!! there appears Alexander Calder. WOW!!! his work blows me away. i try to work with black and white and one colour and mine looks NOTHING like his does. 



 to cut a long story short as i drowned in calder - looked at his influences - his life i was profoundly moved by his work. by his sculptures. and the fact that it is due to him i would imagine we have mobiles over our crib/play pen/bed.


This one he did when he was 66 years old. the mechanical engineering degree playing well with the art degree. this was the 60s. no one was doing anythihng like he did with his scuptures. 


the hour slipped by so fast. ooops that's when i realised woah there was a reason for me to look for an artist. i had to do homework. needless to say i was late for class. i had the most wonderful hour there today. 


just looking at art. and seeing the influences and emotions from life on their medium is just mind blowing. 

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Thank you for taking the time to share those moments! They are lovely. 


I like Calder too. His mobiles have such organic grace, they almost like they were living things once. 

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My DS is feeling better so we bought some ice cream and watched Star Wars while camping out on the floor. :)

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My 12 month old DD got two baby dolls for her birthday. She's recognizing faces on toys now. She grabs her baby dolls, kisses and hugs and snuggles them. It's beyond amazing to see this sweet sweet side of her.

There's these stacking cooper bowls that she loves to bang around. I put all but the smallest one out of her reach since dad and mom have the flu and the noise of them clanking together is too much for our heads. DD then snuggled and hugged the smallest bowl. She loves it! Seeing her little heart and sweetness is beautiful to watch. I feel like its a glimpse into her thoughts. I've always wondered what she's thinking.
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smile.gif its 4 am. artists have kept me up the last couple of hours. i am moved and excited and in heaven. 


so different 9 years ago when i was just beginning my new journey as a single mother. i was still awake at 4 am totally in panic attack - shivering under 4 blankets including an electric blanket. 




it was moments like what has been written here that helped pull me out of that state of depression and great fear. 


so i share more art orngbiggrin.gif


no. 1 and 2 - alan derwin a sanfrancisco artist. the first one is a portrait of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the second one is called Transactions

Nos. 3, 4 and 5 are all Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - from what survived from Nazi destruction. 








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Usually, DS crawls into bed with us early in the morning and then kicks and wiggles and squirms - sometimes to the point of complete annoyance.  But today, probably because of the time change, he came to our bed and immediately fell asleep again.  So I cuddled closer when I realized I wasn't going to get elbowed or knee-ed in the belly and listened to him breathe.  When it was time for me to get up to get ready for work, he was still sleeping (unusual for my early riser) and it was so, so hard to get out of bed.  When did he start to look so old?  And yet, when I think of the potential for what he is to become, I feel excitement for the future instead of sadness that my baby is growing up.


And to echo the thought, our cardinals were outside, singing loud and clear like spring was coming this very day, even though there are still piles and piles of snow...

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Thanks for sharing! I'm so sorry I haven't kept up with this thread. I haven't been here for a few days. I'm just checking in and I'm too sleepy to post now. I'll try again tomorrow  smile.gif

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