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I have dark blonde hair and in October I used some hair dye at an attempt to go plum/purplish (first and only time I have every dyed my hair)...anyway as it wore off now my hair is reddish.  I get compliments, but I don't like it and would rather be darker, even brunette.  I would like to avoid dyes and or long/all day treatments because I have three very active boys (6, 4, and 2).  Is there something I can use in the shower? Like a shampoo/conditioner with coffee, tea, cocoa bean?  Does henna or indigo help with going darker?  I would like something natural, but I would use something more mainstream.  Thanks for any tips!!


Oh, also I am worried the summer is going to bleach it out more since we play a lot in the sun and in pools/lakes/etc.  I would also like advice to keep it from getting lighter in the sun.