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sometimes I want to cry

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So we have been in the ttc mind set for about a year now. Unfortunatley ovulation has had different plans. Had my first ppaf last month. ( my naby turned 2 today to give you a time line)
For the past two weeks I have been feeling like crap. Like early pregnancy symptoms crap. Very nasuated and all that junk. I don't sleep solid so I was told that doing temp wouldn't work. I know about when I ovulated because I tend to just feel warmer. I have been checking my cervix and things seem promising but I keep testin BFN. My one friend suggested my hormones could still be wacky
I guess when she was nursing it often would take two weeks to get a BF
I am just tried I am worn out I am hetting tired of waiting. I have some plans for me that are waiting kinda a bit on when I get pregnant again. Nothing giant just planning mostly.

I had one friend in I'm sure her good intentions tell me that checking fertility is just silly. Jave fin with it and you'll get pregnant. She hasn't had to deal with the infertility before they got prgnant really quick after she went off BC. I think my issues is also I haven't had trouble before. It was simple but after my last baby (emergency section) I worry that something happened and what is something happened and I can't have babies anymore? What of I'm broken. :'(
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have you gone to your doctor? i would start there.maybe a simple lab could tell you if something is off like your hormones. frustrating i know. 

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No I don't really have a doctor here
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Are you still nursing? Some people just have a lot more trouble than others when they're nursing. Also for some people it can take up to a year after stopping nursing for your hormones to completely level out. That's not the average, at all, but it isn't abnormal either. I needed progesterone supplementation to get pg with my DD when I was still nursing DS and I needed them this time as well, 5 months after stopping nursing. My body just seems to be really reluctant to ramp up progesterone even after being done nursing for a few months. 

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Yes still nursing. I am bleeding right now.... But cervix is still soft and high...... greensad.gif
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I bet it's nursing that's making thugs wonky. So common. But still so hard when you want another. As long as you're nursing I think you will need to just keep up BDing often and remember you're giving such a wonderful gift to your LO. You could consider trying vitex, maca, and it progesterone supplements to help. Hugs.
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Well I really just want to cry right now. The bleeding is so heavy and so much pain. I just want to lay in bed and forget life. Can't though even though thos life didn't get to go doesn't mean mine stops
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hug2.gifhug.gifhug2.gif I know exactly how you feel Aliy.
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I agree that nursing may be the culprit. And if you can see a doctor! My friend's hormones were a bit low, they gave her a shot and boom pregnant in a month joy.gif


In fact, some people try to use nursing as a natural firm of birth control. It doesn't work 100% but most women will find that theyre less fertile. Theres definitely some misinformation that you can't get pregnant nursing, but its generally more difficult


And dont feel bad about crying babe! As much as its stigmatized I think sometimes you just need a really good cry. Then you brush yourself up, take a deep breath and get back to business. Also a warm bubble bath here and there also helps love.gif I like to use the childrens kinds you can get at Target, they foam up so well much better than the adult ones. Sounds silly but ive found that a good cry and bubble bath have always made me feel a bit better :) 

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