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You're parenting intuitively and lovingly. That makes you a smart cookie and a great mom! I held my oldest all the time, it seemed, until he was crawling. He's a thoughtful, empathic, well-rounded genius, and trust me, at nineteen, he is well and truly independent and competent. I put my LO down just long enough to pee (and not always then!), shower, and drive to the store and back until he was three or four months old. It drove DH crazy at first because he had NEVER seen mothering like that in his life; they're very drop-em-and-go in his family. LO still sleeps wedged up next to me at night (and now that my thyroid is so weak, I appreciate the warmth lol), but let me assure you that he is a little dynamo (four years old tomorrow) with his own agenda that has very little to do with hanging from my neck all day. You cannot spoil a child by loving it. You CAN spoil a child by refusing to listen to its clear communication, ignoring its need for bodily contact, and instead sticking a bottle in its mouth and winding a toy. Keep up the good work! Just stick to your guns, regardless of the naysayers. You're the mother. God gave YOU this blessing because YOU are the right person for this job.
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I am most impressed your ability to follow your instincts and stick with them in spite of the grandmother's opinion!  Excellent for you!  Carrying your young until she crawls is the most biologically sound way to be with your baby.  I had many a Continumm Concept sessions with Jean Liedloff to guide me through . . .  In short, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THIS!!  YOU ARE GIVING YOUR BABY THE SECURITY SHE NEEDS AND SHE WILL BE MORE SELF RELIANT, LESS DEMANDING AND EASIER TO BE WITH when she gets older.  In time, when your mother sees how sweet your child's disposition is, she will probably come around. If not, your relationshp with your child and family is priority.   I got so much static from folks once I decided to carry our son 24/7 until he crawled . . . in the end, people came up to me and asked, "How did you raise your son?"  No terrible two's three's or any of that fussing demanding behavior.  BUT, before we carried him 24/7 and MOVED with him, he was nothing but a fuss bucket.  i see this over and over . . .

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Thank you everyone for your support and praise.

My baby is now almost 6 months old and she is thriving. She actually cries to be out down and play some. She loves being in the carrier and will even get into the stroller now for walks. We're just taking everything step by step and waiting till she's ready. We're not trying to force her into anything or do things she isn't ready for.

I doubt my mom would read
anything about parenting, much less Dr.Sears. She still thinks a baby needs to cry and have time to themselves. I doubt she will ever change. We recently moved and I had to drive the car with the baby in the back alone and it was about a 30 minute drive and she flipped out. We've never gone out for that log before with her alone in the back. I'm usually right there with her. To get to the point, I started crying while driving cause my baby cried worse then she has ever cried before and she was screaming. She would cough and scream more. I felt like a terrible mother putting her through it. When I told my mom about it she just laughed and said "you can't cry everytime your baby does". So I don't think she will ever understand me or what I am trying to do.

I just have to do what's right for us, and that's lots of contact and cuddling.
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I am so sorry about your mother's attitude, and your child's dislike of riding in the back alone! I had to deal with both, as well. It really stinks!

I'm glad you feel confident about your choices. My son is a teen, now, and people tell me how impressed they are with his confidence and compassion, so hopefully you, too, will get to hear compliments about your daughter!
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You can never hold a baby too much. It's such a short phase of their life (the in arms stage) and you'll miss it so much once it's over. My baby who couldn't be put down as an infant, is now Mr. Independent.
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