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Hello to all

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Hi Ladies!

I am brand new to joining forums but after reading what feels like hundreds over the past 5 months while TTC I thought I would get more involved. My DB and I have been so excited in this stage of our lives and are hopeful to have happy news each month... It sure is a little deflating when AF comes along but we are both young healthy happy people with the right outlook on life so we just keep on doing our best! I haven't any questions or discussions today but I did feel after ready so many forums I wanted to be a part of it all. Its really special that woman have these platforms to share there thoughts and experiences! I'm 8DPO so fingers crossed! smile.gif

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Welcome.gifand good luck to you DarlingGirl!  Feel free to join in with the other folks TTC in the different threads in this forum.  Since you are in the two week wait, the TWW thread might be a good place to start.

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Hey ladies this might be quite a bit to read but I need someone with experience to help me. My fiancé and I have been TTC for 2 months now. The first day of my last period on January was the 16th and on February was the 13th we had unprotected sex February 23rd and 25th which I read online that those were one of my most fertile days. As early as 8 days after sex I began to feel very sleepy, I would sleep however when I would wake up I felt like I had not slept in days. I began having frequent headaches, bloating (I would feel hungry but felt super full?) and then this past Saturday (March 2nd) as well as Tuesday and Wensday (March 5 & 6) I have been cramping like period cramps but my period is not due yet. I have brief moments of nausea but no vomiting. My breasts feel itchy, and my lower abdomen feels tense. Do these sound like pregnancy symptoms? I want to take a HPT tomorrow (March 9) a First Response detects as early as 6 days before your period. It would be perfect because my fiancé and I will be going out to dinner tomorrow and it would be a nice way to tell him. I'm just really scared to test and it be negative :/ any advice? Thank you ! Baby dust to all TTC xoxo
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