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Son (3.5y) plays only with one toy

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At the moment, my son (3.5 years old) plays only with one toy! His wooden train set and he is not interested at all in anything else. What would you do? I've already sold something neither he nor me were attached to, but it breaks my heart to get rid of all the nice toys.


Will this phase fade and he'll request some of his toys back? It's been lasting at least 4 months now. Any input from moms who have gone through a phase(?) like that would be great. Should I just sell everything else if he wants me to? I'm kind of torn.


Thanks for your input.

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My girls played differently.  DD1 would focus on one toy or set of toys for long stretches.  DD2 would plow her way from one game to another in the course of a day-- even ones I had long written off for her age.


Don't get rid of your other toys, necessarily, and don't sweat this.  He is in love.  It's how he grooves.  Relax, and get that boy some more track!


A few months down the road, he might move on to other toys, so again, don't give them away just because he's not playing with them right now.  

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I work at a mixed age preschool (2-6 years old) we have several kids who would happily only play trains all day!  If we do an art project, theirs is a train etc.  I think it is totally normal.  I wouldn't get rid of everything else though.  You could box some stuff up and put in attic/basement/closet and bring it back out in a few months and it will be almost like new again.  Plain blocks partner well with trains and train tracks you could build stations, coal chutes, depots, etc.


I find that my ds (5.5 years old) doesn't and didn't really play with ANY toys unless he had friend over.  We joke that we only have toys for playdates!  So having a friend over might encourage playing with other stuff too.

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Thanks for your responses! Of course just after I posted he picked up his baby doll that he had been ignoring for at least 6 months and was playing so sweet and gentle with it.  love.gif

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I would say its pretty normal. My 3.5 yr old has been pretty much exclusively playing with his angry bird toys for about 6 months now. His other toys are not getting used, but I figure he will probably play with them eventually, and even if he doesnt, its nice to have them for when his friends come over to play.


I will say I am pretty tired of playing angry birds with him though!! This kid lives and breathes birds. EVERYTHING is angry birds for him. :)

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I have to say, I have the type of child that tends not to play with toys at all, so I'm pretty jealous of your "obsessed with the train set" thing!  I would say to keep toys that have a wide age-range, and perhaps put them in different areas of the house, or pack some up into busy bags for quiet time or whatnot.  In our house, less is definitely more for toy utilization, so maybe if there are fewer other options, he'll diversify.  And if not, I wouldn't worry about it.  Sounds like he's enjoying himself.

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