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Possible to "Overlook" Twins w/o an Ultrasound?

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I know, this topic comes up all the time, because it seems like every pregnant woman thinks she's carrying twins. ;)

I have three daughters - all unassisted pregnancies and unassisted homebirths, and I didn't measure fundal height so I don't know how mine compares, but I *do* know I have fairly small babies (I'm under 100 lbs. when I'm not pregnant, and hubby's small, too) and I have a long torso, which apparently makes it easier for baby to "hide" and can make the fundus measure a bit small.


I'm 32 weeks, measuring just under (by about 2 cm), and we haven't been able to palpate a back or butt in months - just one head.  But there seem to be limbs everywhere, and although I seem to be carrying lower and more out-front than in any of my other pregnancies, I've also been feeling like I have a lot more baby in my guts and up in my ribcage, which doesn't seem to make sense.

I'm not necessarily saying I think twins are likely - but it is theoretically possible to miss twins through palpation/heartbeat alone, right?

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Yes, it is possible, happened to my Aunt ~20 years ago. One baby was directly behind the other, so they never got the HB of that baby or even saw him on the one later ultrasound she had (was at ~30 weeks when she was in the hospital for some pre-term labor, before ultrasounds were as prolific as they are now). Very unlikely though! I'm actually pregnant with twins now and while it wasn't obvious at first (I was very surprised at my ~12week U/S to see two babies), it is very obvious to me now at 29 weeks that there are two babies based on their movement and how much bigger I am, but I've heard of other mom's that were convinced it was twins and it wasn't and since I know there are two babies, I have some confirmation bias for sure smile.gif
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Can you distinguish them based on their movement?  Or just feel more movement?  This baby is ALL over the place.  The midwife even said she'd never felt so much movement while palpating before.  She'd get a "read" on a part, and as soon as she tried to call the other midwife over, babe would move.  Like watching aliens in my belly! lol  I have been curious if twin moms can tell that there are two distinct babies' movement.

This feels a lot different than my other pregnancies.  But every pregnancy is different, so it could just simply be that baby is different. :)

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I can usually tell which baby is moving, but not always. But yeah, when I get hiccups down low on the right, kicks up high on the right and kicks in my cervix all at the same time, it's pretty obvious that there are two babies smile.gif Mine have always been either side by side or one on top of each other transverse, so never hiding behind each other where I think it would not be easy to tell anything based on movement. I think at this point and a little before, I would definitely suspect two babies just based on movements. Kicks to me are easy to distinguish as kicks and when you are getting them on opposite sides of the uterus at the same time, it just seems pretty clear! Also, palpitating I am bad at distinguishing butts from heads, but if you can find 3-4 butts/heads, another good indication. But again, I know I have two and get to see them on the U/S ~4 weeks now, so I'm not sure how much the knowledge makes it easier for me to know that I am feeling two babies since I can see on the screen and feel the kick and whatnot.
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I'm pretty sure I have just one and he just changes position a LOT.  Still don't really understand how carrying lower and farther out front can leave me less room in my guts and lungs, but whatever. :)

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For me with my twins, it absolutely felt like two separate babies moving - amazing! They tended to sleep at the same time and kick at the same time, and it was very distinct which baby was moving and where. It did not feel like one baby moving more, to me. But yeah, there is that confirmation bias thing. BTW my twins are fraternal and very different from one another.

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