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How did you go TV free?

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Did you just go cold turkey or did you wean your family off the black box?
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When my girls were little we started out watching an hour or two a day, and it increased very easily to 2-4 hours and even longer, what with kids' shows, cartoon movies, etc. I didn't feel good aboutit, but it just made things so easy... I reached a breaking point one day and said no more- cold turkey. The girls were 3 & 5. Their dad and I split up about 6 months later and I didn't take the tv when we moved out. I've never bought one or had one since, and my DDs are going on 17 and 15. Haven't missed it a bit, and they never really protested its absence. HTH smile.gif
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I guess we took a lukewarm turkey approach since we still own a tv and watch dvd's on occasion.


About 6 years ago we just canceled our satellite tv service. We had no tv reception without it.

Dd had been trying to watch tv all day so it was pretty dramatic change for her. She went through a week or two of being unhappy. At first she even tried to watch the neighbor's tv through the window. After that she just found other things to do and doesn't miss it.

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At first we went cold turkey...then I let them watch a little. maybe 1/2 - 1 hr

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We aren't really tv free since we have Netflix, but we went from having all the channels via Directtv, in almost every room, to just Netfilx in the living room and we have a dvd player in our master bedroom. We sort of weaned off. I started by cancelling the "extra" boxes in the kids rooms so without the satellite, they had no reception and could only watch in the living room. About two months ago, we cancelled satellite totally, so now it's just Netflix. Kids don't mind at all. I only miss the ease of the DVR, but don't miss actual shows, I hardly watched anything.

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Well if you consider 'tv free' to be satellite/cable we've been off and on for years. More off than on since we've only had satellite about 2-3 years total in the 10 years dh and I have been together. We currently have no satellite/cable and just have a dvd player and a digital antenna (not hooked up right now). We have had a lot of screen time though unfortunately with the dvd's as background noise basically. The last few months have changed though... our only tv now is in my room so we have 'movie time' piled on my bed and nothing any other time. I'm planning to shift this further soon though to change the dvd's in our house available for viewing to better choices and seriously limit usage of the tv and any other screen time. First thing on the list is the stupid xbox!!!! It's days are numbered let me tell ya!

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We cut out Directv (satellite) in early 2012 because we were frustrated with all the ads and too many channels we didn't watch.  We still use our DVD player and get a lot of stuff from the library, and I've been known to watch TV shows online but I find I really don't need my "fix" anymore. I used to be a huge Bones fanatic...and this year, I haven't watched a single episode so far.   I love the peace and quiet the most.  I don't think we'll ever go back to cable/satellite.

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