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Broken Tailbone

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HI!  I'm 38 weeks along, and about three weeks ago I fell down the stairs and broke my tailbone.  I'm planning my first home water birth, and I'm just hoping to find someone else that possibly has some experience with this.  My midwife, doula, chiropractor and an OB that we consulted with all seem to agree that it's possible, but that it will be more intense and painful.  I'm trying not to focus on the pain, but it's pretty hard with a broken rear end.  Thanks in advance for any help/advice you all may have.

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oh im sorry to hear about that. i have no experience with a broken tail bone. that sucks. at least your baby is okay. stay positive mama!!!!!

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Ouch! I'm sorry, mama! I broke my tailbone during my second birth/first homebirth/first VBAC. I didn't realize it had broken until in my next pregnancy when a massage therapist discovered it out of whack. yikes.gif So, my tailbone had healed by the next birth (3 years later), albeit out of position. I theorize that my next two births went very quickly at the end precisely because my tailbone was not in the way. It was very intense to have a VERY quick second stage, but it was smooth and without complication.

Do you know where your tailbone is currently positioned? I would highly recommend staying up right (at least not on your back!) to give it time to move without putting pressure on it. (My mom had an old tailbone break but had hospital births where she was forced to push against it - ow!) You may need extra counterpressure there, heat, etc. Definitely have a doula on hand! But it may not be in the way at all and may not be any big deal.

I hope your current recovery, birth, and postpartum recovery go very smoothly!!
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Well, everything turned out perfect.  I had a precipitous labor that lasted an hour and twenty minutes from first contraction to baby in my arms.  My husband actually caught our daughter in our bathroom with me on hands and knees before the midwife got here.  Since it went so fast, and I was in such a great position, my tailbone didn't bother me at all.  It was wonderful!

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Great news! Congrats!
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