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We've got two cats, George and Reggie. George is a boy, and still loves me to death. Very affectionate, especially in the morning. Reggie is a girl, and has been avoiding me for the past month or so. She used to love to climb onto the back of the couch and rest her head on my shoulder, and now she won't even let me pick her up. Does anyone else experience this? I'm a little upset about it

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My cats been annoying me and climbing into bed with me at night (my husband doesnt get home till 1am).  The cat is a total bed hog and doesnt care if you nudge it, it stands its ground :( 

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We have three cats. One is as always- she was my husband's before our marriage and prefers not to acknowledge my existence in any way. My two- one is the same as always- always been super, over-the-top, annoyingly affectionate. The other one, we would go weeks without seeing. He would only come out when I was the only person home and the house was dead silent. Now... he is GLUED to me, doesn't matter who is around or what's going on. All he wants to do is lay under the covers with my arms around him. I LOVE IT. It happened pretty much the moment I got a positive pregnancy test- never did happen in any of my miscarriages though. 

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Our cat is very cuddley as well. HE will just sit on my lap, lay on my at night in any way he can. I wonder if they can feel that we are having a baby? Our dog, a black lap, has also been very attached to me. She even follows me to the bathroom. She always has her head in my lap. So cute. 

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My tabby is super affectionate day and night and isn't daunted in the least by my near two year old. My tuxedo dude on the other hand avoids her like the plague and goes through periods of withdrawal where he is a fleeting shadow for weeks. For those mamas birthing away from home, it's a good idea to send a receiving blanket that smells of baby home for the critters to smell and get familiar with. We did this while staying at the hospital with DD for three days and by the time we got home they were both lounging on said blanket, soaking up the scent. Then they went over to the carseat, smelled her toes and rubbed up against the seat. We had zero issues with jealousy or lashing out at the baby.
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I wouldn't worry too much! Animals are pretty good at picking up in these things. Don't take it personally! She'll be back to loving on you in no time!

Our dog won't leave me alone... Which actually makes me crazy because the pregnancy super nose makes her smell SO bad. She makes me nauseous.
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i do think it's a transition for animals too! mine were really snuggly last time...then we had a home birth and they both got really scared--i made lots of noise :) and then there was the crying baby--anytime he cried they left the room. it's honestly taken us a long time to settle back in--just because i felt so like i had my hands full with the baby that they weren't getting much snuggle time. but we all came through and they just kept on living and adjusting-- it was adjustment for all of us for sure! then they had to adjust to a little guy pulling their tale and chasing them around--though of course i intervene and help him understand what's ok and not... and here we go again! :)

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Our cat is not at all a cuddly cat, but he does seem to like me marginally better since I've become pregnant. He only wants me to feed him, and he will deign to sit next to me from time to time. I'm the relative newcomer to the household, though, so I'm not sure if it's pregnancy that makes him like me better or just time :)


The ducks, on the other hand, can't stand me anymore, but I think that's more because *they* have become new "mamas" (that is, they started laying). Although they don't seem to have any instinct for keeping their eggs warm, they do seem more protective of their territory. At least the chicken still lets me cuddle her....

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