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Announcing the birth of M.H.K!

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Hi, guys. Sorry I've been absent lately. I have enjoyed reading everyone's updates but have felt too exhausted to post anything. And then...... I had my baby! For privacy reasons, I won't share her name here, but here are the details:


I had been having bloody show since last Saturday morning. I went to my baby shower feeling fine, and then did a ton of walking finishing up some shopping afterwards for last minute odds and ends. I had incredible pressure and pain in my hip flexers, but no timeabale contractions. That night I loaded a contraction timer app on my phone and tracked contractions every ten minutes, but they weren't getting any stronger, so I gave up and went to bed. The next day I felt pretty normal, minus a feeling of "Oh my god I have so much work to get done before I can take leave!"


Monday I taught all day and had contractions on and off, but they just felt like normal BH contractions, nothing major. I stayed to finish some planning/ organizing/ cleaning up after school. My water broke a little before 4:00, and luckily, I had a forebag of waters between my dd's head and cervix. Otherwise I'm not sure I would have made it to the hospital! 


DH picked me up at school (thank god my water didn't break 30 minutes earlier when I was teaching!) and we went straight to the hospital, which is only a few blocks away. Everything looked good on the fetal monitor and the nurse found my cervix to be a 6. (I had been walking around at 5 for a few weeks). We put the TENS unit on and I loved it! I highly recommend a TENS for anyone wanting a natural labor/ birth. We barely had enough time to go through all the standard questions and paperwork before the mw came. She found I was still a 6, but said rupturing the forebag of waters would hasten things considerably. I opted to get in to the tub for a little relief before we ruptured them in the hopes that if I needed to push for a while I would have a little rest after working all day. In hindsight, I should have just had her rupture them then, so maybe that was just my anxiety talking.


After I was in the tub for a few minutes I found the pressure in my rectum/ tailbone area to still be really awful and it was getting hard to breathe through contractions. I got out of the tub and the mw ruptured the forebag and that provided a little relief. I couldn't find a position to get "comfortable" in and each new movement seemed to bring on another contraction. I found myself lying on my side and in no time could feel dd coming down. The mw and nurse told me not to push yet, but I could still feel here right there. After her head was out, I got the okay to push the rest of her out, but it didn't really feel like pushing. My body just sort of took over, which is kinda cool! And it's way cool because I was able to have a natural birth like I wanted, but I had some serious doubts. So all in all, about 4 hours of active labor, no drugs, and 2 "pushes" got me a beautiful 6 lb., 10 oz. little girl! She was 18 3/4 inches long and has been nursing like a rockstar. She even nursed for about 15 minutes right after birth. It was amazing to have so much skin to skin time with her. My son had to be whisked away to the NICU for monitoring for a couple hours, but baby girl and I have had an awesome start. 


Wishing all the best births for everyone reading!

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Congratulations, Clumsy!!!!! SOOOO Happy for you!!!

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Oh wow Clumsy!!  Congrats!

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Whoot! Lovely!!!





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So happy everything went well for you!  That sounds like a near-perfect birth. love.gif Congratulations!

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Wow, what an awesome birth!! love.gif. That sounds so wonderful. Enjoy your baby girl!
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Yay! Congrats!!!! :)

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Yay!! Congratulations!!

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Awesome!! Great job mama!

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congratulations! That is soooo exciting sugarplum.

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What an amazing birth!! I cannot believe you were teaching until the last minute like that!!!! Wow!
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So awesome - congrats Mama!

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Congrats!! And I second the TENS. I used mine this time to and it made such a difference. Enjoy your babymoon. 

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Beautiful! Congratulations!
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Congratulations, ClumsySugarPlum! What a great story! orngbiggrin.gif Glad to hear you are both doing well!

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Thanks for sharing ClumsySugarPlum - very beautiful. 

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Yay, Clumsy, sounds like a beautiful birth experience. Well done you! Thanks for sharing your story.
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Thank you for sharing your birth story, mama. Congratulations!
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Congratulations, clumsy!
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Congrats, sounds like a fantastic birth!

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