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Introducing myself

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Hi there -- I'm a mother of 2 beautiful daughters (10 & 13).  I'm engaged to be married in May -- and just discovered that I'm expecting.  According to my own calculations I'm due in early Nov. I'm a bit overwhelmed.... our wedding was supposed to be this HUGE party in New Orleans.  And here I am... pregnant.  ;-)  I'm still trying to process it simply because of the timing... Thank god I hadn't found a dress yet.  Being that this is my 3rd, I'll be showing within the next few weeks.  And so much for being crazy on Bourbon Street...where our reception was going to end up.  Not to sound ungrateful or appreciative, but we thought we'd talk about having a child AFTER the wedding.  Looks like this little boy or girl had other plans for us newlyweds. Anyway - to add I'm 43.... is there a pregnant over 40 group?

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Welcome and Congrats, Herecomes3!! I've not seen a pregnant over 40 group on here but I know there's a TTC over 40 group... You might look around the I'm Pregnant Threads. There are a few of us Advanced Maternal Age mamas here in the November DDC. I am 36 and will be 37 when this little bean arrives. And my DD will be 10. Looking forward to getting to know you!!

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Yep, pushing 40 here too (38) You aren't the only one!  Sorry you'll miss your Bourbon Street party!

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At least you will remember your wedding? redface.gif

Welcome! I'm turning 38 in less than a month.
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Welcome! I also have 2 daughters, this is my 3 rd baby and we actually just got married in October last year lol. You're in good company....I'm 39 in 2 weeks smile.gif
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We got married in October 2005--a lovely month to get married.
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