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Was he right all along?

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Controversial Doctor and Autism Media Channel Director Proven Right







[s]cientists and physicians from Wake Forest University, New York, and Venezuela, reported findings that not only confirm the presence of intestinal disease in children with autism and intestinal symptoms, but also indicate that this disease may be novel.[viii]

Using sophisticated laboratory methods Dr. Steve Walker and his colleagues endorsed Wakefield’s original findings by showing molecular changes in the children’s intestinal tissues that were highly distinctive and clearly abnormal.


I liked this comment from a parent of a child damaged by the MMR vaccine 





I would like for the word "autism" to step aside for those kids, like my daughter, who suffered adverse reaction and brain injury after a cluster of vaccines, to include her gut being shredded by the MMR.

The study: Identification of Unique Gene Expression Profile in Children with Regressive Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Ileocolitis





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It's amazing how many people don't get it, even with the parents of the original children involved in Wakefield's study shouting from the rooftops that Wakefield and Walker-Smith were the first doctors who actually admitted that their autistic children were suffering from BOWEL DISORDERS.  All the previous doctors who saw them insisted that the children were not in intestinal pain, but merely posturing "because that's how autistic children behave."


You can go to some other forums, and read thread after thread posted by mothers of autistic children with constipation, intestinal issues, and potty-training issues.  As far as I can tell, none of them are on special diets, all of them are fully vaccinated, and none of the mothers seem to realize that Wakefield et al were studying autistic children with bowel disorders in order to figure out what was causing the bowel disorder!


And that horrible, horrible monster Brian Deer still insists that the fact that Wakefield and Walker-Smith performed colonoscopies was unnecessary, when it would have been standard protocol for any non-autistic child with the same symptoms.  (And Walker-Smith was completely exonerated later, anyway--and hopefully, Wakefield will win his suit against Brian Deer and the GMC.)

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Interview with Arthur Krigsman on the paper


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