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Ellie, so ADORABLE!  They look so healthy and cute!  And those cheeks!!


Here's one my brother took of Nate when he was a week old or so (he's 3 weeks today luxlove.gif):



Here's Nate a couple days ago, being a quiet boy for a diaper change (finally starting to happen more regularily!)



I can't believe how much he's changing daily!

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Whoops double post! Must take and upload some pics too. Like the belly thread, it's all self-portraits (baby and I self!) that I have. I must get some decent shots taken.
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Aw WLL, they are really coming on.......such cuties too, well done smile.gif How are you all coping with the pair of them? My DS is more work than his newborn brother right now.

Scruffy, Nate is also adorable. I can see him growing fast too! Enjoy every minute of him.
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SlimP, I' m finding my DD (3yo) a handful too right now! The newborn is easy and relaxing!
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After several attempts I've given up trying to get naked sleeping newborn pictures.... here's my blog post with the pictures we DID get last time, lol!


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Oh but Cindy, these are Awesome!!!!! Good job!!
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I know Bena - I love them. I love how they show off her funny personality, LOL! Especially with the stretching!

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Storygirl that is a delightful post! What great pictures that show off her personality! smile.gif
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Cindy, great blog post and some incredibly cute pics!!
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I haven't been on in awhile, but what great pics! Congrats to all of the new mamas.

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Cindy, those are GREAT!!

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So so cute, Cindy.
Mothering › Groups › March 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Baby pics!