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11 days old! Holding his head up like a big boy!
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Originally Posted by LightForest View Post

How could I possibly resist?

absolutely!! Very sweet...

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Oh wow these little guys are beyond cute!! You've got a strong little guy, MP, and i bet you're really enjoying the peach fuzz, lightforest! My little guy will probably have lots of dark hair like his sister.
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Two of my boys!
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Hannah is one week old greensad.gif time is definitely going to fast.
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MP--big brother looks proud of his new baby brother smile.gif

Sarah--hannah is beautiful, she looks so peaceful too.
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Originally Posted by MPsSweetie View Post


Look at that smile! What a cutie :)

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My little Junebug, already almost two weeks old.
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Atlas is two weeks tomorrow. It goes too fast doesn't it?!?
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So precious. :D

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Here is Rowan 12 hours old



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Baby E is 12 days old - unbelievable!


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Whoa, look at those eyes, lightforest, i think he can see into people's souls.

Aww, he's beautiful, writermama love.gif
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Oh, so cute!


This is going on our birth announcements (just ordered with rush delivery so we can get them to people by Easter/Passover).


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Awwww!! So precious, buko love.gif
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Cutness overload!! Still hard to wrap my head around the fact that I'll have a new little squish in the next week or two but seeing all these adorable pictures makes it feel more real!


Buko - cutest picture ever!

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Aww, buko! I was hoping to get a similar diaper cover/hat combo. smile.gif

Here's my squish...

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what a sweetie cabbbit!

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Graham at 1 month, 3 days old!!! :D  

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