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What week do you think you'll have baby?

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Pretty much like the title says smile.gif What week do you think you'll have baby? Anyone have guesses on their birthing dates? I asked this way back when we were in the very early stages of pregnancy, so thought it would be fun to see what everyone thinks now that we're in the home stretch! I have April 13th down as my guess and I'll be exactly 39 weeks.
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I'm still feeling real strongly about march 21st. Ill be 38 weeks 3 days.
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My husband wants the baby here as soon as I hit 37 weeks lol, so impatient!
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I don't remember that thread!  I wonder if I responded to it.


I'm feeling almost more in the dark this time than I ever have before, though.  With my daughter, EDD was 11/20 and I thought she'd come 12/2.  Um, she came on 11/11 so I was WAY WAY off (and it made me feel like she was almost a month early!).  Because she was my first though I just went on empirical evidence (average gestation for a first timer being 41+1, I believe, and my mom having  gone late with all three of us) since I had no personal experience.  With my son, he was due 5/3, I thought I'd go into labor 4/28, and I went into labor 4/30, so I was pretty darn close!


Now I have one 38w4d labor and one 39w4d labor under my belt so I guess I should be thinking somewhere around those but I just don't know!  No dates are really standing out to me at all.  The idea that I'll go into labor probably in the next month (I'm 36w3d currently) and possibly even as soon as in two weeks if this kid is anything like my daughter is totally surreal to me!


Maybe I'll just play the total random guess say this baby will come right on my EDD (4/5) or a little late, on the new moon (4/10).  I am measuring small, so I figure maybe this one needs to cook a little longer than the others did.  But then sometimes this kid feels like s/he is kind of temperamentally more the type to want to be part of the action sooner rather than later.  See? I just don't know.  I am good at intuiting a lot of things about my in-utero children, but birth dates tend not to be one of them.


That was a novel, sorry.  LOL!

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In a perfect world, labor would start on the night of the 31st and he would be born on the 1st. That would put me at 40+3 from the u/s dating and right on time from my dates. That would be especially perfect because the girls have spring break so we wouldn't have to worry about them missing school or getting them to/from during those first few days. Plus, we close the shop early on Sundays so my mom would be able to come out to help with the girls without leaving anyone alone or having to worry about who's closing up.

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I think I asked in one of the month chats! It's surreal to me that some of you ladies can have babies in just a few(well full term babies, guess we all could go anytime lol)

An April Fools baby would rock lol, no one would believe you and you'd get extra rest and family time orngtongue.gif
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I wish I could have an Easter baby, but that's a wee bit early for me (I'd be JUST barely 37 weeks).  April Fools would be kinda funny too.  Especially since we UC and it would be so awesome to call people and tell them baby was here (particularly my dad and grandpa, since they have a hayday with AF jokes and *I* always fall for them!).


Honestly though, I can't let myself hope for anything before 40w, considering I've never gone before then (and even at that point, despite my body saying it's been completely ready to go for weeks, I've still used CO to get things moving! LOL).  I do PRAY for something a little different this time, considering the circumstances.  But I just can't let myself think about it because it makes that darn wait so much harder!

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I'm guessing when I'm 38 weeks, which is March 24-30.  We only have like 4 or 5 other family birthdays that week.  But... the 29th is still free!  

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I have no idea! And as a FTM I have nothing to draw from or compare it to. My EDD is 4/9. I'm going to guess 4/2. Totally random.
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I won't be actually laboring, so I can't guess. I have 3 weeks and 2 days til my surgery.
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38 weeks, only because I have 3 other 38 weekers.

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I was induced with DD1 for hypertension so she was just before 40w. This time around I have no inkling whatsoever though I'm totally a-okay with anytime after 37 weeks which is 3/22.

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I would love an Easter baby - 3-31-13 is a cool birthdate!  My EDD is 4-4 so that would only be a few days early.  My first arrived on his due date and my second child arrived a day after her due date.  We just celebrated their birthdays, so if this little one would also like a March birthday, that would be perfect  I am fine with an April Fools baby, too, if we have to miss March.  Ad far as what I feel will happen, hubby and I for some reason think he/she will arrive even earlier in March.  I am 37 weeks this coming Thursday, so I better finish my to-do list!

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This babe is my first, so I have nothing to go by...but I'm due 4/8, and hoping little one will hold off until 4/1, at least. (I'm self-employed, and have a work a bunch this month if I want to be able to take any time off at all!) My temp/ovulation chart says 4/10 or 4/11, so I've been keeping those dates in my mind as good birthdays!

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For some reason I am convinced this guy will come 4/12 which is 38w2d. Some wonderful ladies at my daughter's school are throwing a shower for me on the 13th so...we will figure that one out when we get to it!
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I'm pretty sure I'll have a March baby. I've put the "vibes" out there for baby to come on March 27th. Never tried that before so here's to hoping! fingersx.gif

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It's funny that you all think having an April fools' baby would be fun. My dad was an April fools' baby. We joke that he was made a fool by birth. : ) 

I have no idea whatsoever when I will go into labor. I'm not due until the 26th. So I could completely go past April and into May. My brother's birthday is May 4th, so that might be neat. I'd really like not to go over though. 

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These are my first, so I don't really know, but I do know twins tend to come around 36/37 weeks. I'm hoping for 37 weeks - April 14 - 20. We'll see! My belly already hurts, I can't imagine another 5 weeks! :(

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DS1 was 2 weeks early and DS2 was 11 days late so I really have nothing to go on here. My mom went late with all 4 of her kids so I'll probably be late. I would love to go early but realistically I'm gonna say 4/25 (I'm due 4/27) - from another thread that's a day there is a full moon so maybe that will bring baby.

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My EDD is 4/5, and DD was born 5 days past her EDD, so I'm thinking between 4/8 and 4/13. My BFF guesses 4/12 and she's quite intuitive, so we'll see! I don't feel "done" yet, though. I am rather desperately hoping he'll give me time to finish cleaning the house. We have a lot of birthdays the last 10 days of April. Dh's is the 22nd and mine is the 28th, along with other family members sprinkled in there.

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