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I didn't say it wasn't, see the next sentence of my post....

I certainly saw what you posted, it just comes as denigrating, not see it as a positive - IMO

Like "they" are some type  of low life or something, bad for doing so because you used it within the context that they wholesale yard sales, that is how it came off to me.


Many people benefit greatly from yard sales and don't go to resale stores because that is even high priced for them.


I did know someone who also use to donate and thought they were getting some grand bargain to write off for their taxes until they saw how little it effected the taxes.


Some (like the Salvation Army - in my area) are very picky on what they will even take and have a list of items, so OP you might want to check- some organization even will do pick ups at your home.

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Originally Posted by KayleeZoo View Post

Forgot to add, I also believe in "stuff karma" ;) - every time I give stuff away, a windfall comes my way somehow. I was going to sell a nice stroller, pack n play and Boba carrier but a friend mentioned that she had a relative who was unexpectedly pg and not able to buy what she needed. I offered the items I had. Meanwhile, I had been stalking CL for a Bowflex Blaze in excellent condition for a decent price (retail is $800). The next day after giving my baby items away, I found what I wanted for $275, about 2 miles from our house. Total "stuff" karma :)


Me too!!


We have given away so much stuff to the children's hospital and every time we went there for an 'emergency' of sorts, we were always treated so nicely and promptly even though most of the time it wasn't an actual emergency. The average wait time is 6 hours to go in once you've waited the 1 hour to see triage. Then there is the wait inside while the doctor flip flops between several patients. You could easily spend 8-9 hours there. I was usually all done and back in my car by 2 hours tops with a happy child to boot. I can't say that it was due to some sort of mark next to our name because I always donated anonymously.. and the staff I saw for the issues were not the same staff I would hand the goods over to. Strange, yet nice all at the same time. smile.gif


I've made a pact with myself to resume donating our goods once our non mortgage debt is paid off. We're almost there!

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I dont know if this is out of place or not...I could offer to pay shipping or a low fee for child clothes. I know it takes time to get to the post office &everything else thats been invested, so it may not be worth it, but I am on the hunt for stuff for my new baby. I am checking thrift stores but I find the smell so musty, maybe my pregnant nose, &I am sure at some point I will have to go there again&again as the years go on. I know it also would take time to figure out how to make it work, but if things are light to ship & I could know what I am buying beforehand, like all cotton stuff, maybe thats another choice. I dont mean to impose at all, I just think its nicer to get things from all one person, like a pass me downs arrangment. I really appreciate reading everyones tips&advice too, I cant imagine what this is going to look like in the future for me with my own decluttering challanges. Sometimes you just want to get it out, thinking about how drives me nuts, but obce its gone-its gone...if only it were so simple everytime!
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I came back to erase what i wrote b/c i am not sure if its the same as me asking without an offer. I dont mean it to be that way, but you all inspired me to set up a "wanted" add in the trading post.
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I did a yard sale once and might do it again under the right conditions. The main reason for doing the yard sale was to motivate the kids to part with some of their stuff. We took the money we raised and donated it to the charity of the kids' choice (which turned out to be the Sea Turtle Hospital). I am not a very good haggler and the folks who came to the yard sale definitely wanted to haggle. We had this one woman, English was her second language, but it was much better than any non-existant second language I have. She would ask how much something was, we'd tell her, and she'd always say, "And how much for ME?" in her cute little accent. After the 25th time it got to where it wasn't so cute anymore and was pretty annoying, but you know what — I wanted to get rid of the stuff and if I didn't give it to her at a cheaper price I was just gonna go take down to the thrift store as a donation anyway. The friend I was doing the sale with was better at haggling than I was and made more money than I did, but we both got rid of a bunch of stuff. 


The other incentive for the yard sale and doing it with a friend was setting a deadline. That really helped get the stuff out of my house! That was almost reason enough to do it right there. 


That said, it was a bunch of work and stress and usually I just get rid of stuff as I go along. I have been going through my Mom and Dad's things for the past year after I sold their house and moved my mom to a retirement center. SO MUCH STUFF. I just went thru a box today that had shoelaces and clippings from the newspaper and birthday cards that only had a signature (no special note or anything). Just an amazing amount of flotsam and jetsam that had come into their lives throughout the years and my mom had saved. It's really overwhelming. I hope that I can pare down to a reasonable level before my kids have to clean out our house.

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I donate with the exception of furniture - most charities simply don't take it around here. I'll kijiji a large Ikea wardrobe and our barely used patio set but household items are going straight to charity. I have no patience for yard sales; I'm pregnant with a two year old hanging off me. Kids stuff I take to a local second hand store where they give cash or store credit but whatever they don't take gets donated on the way home.
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I've been doing yardsales regularly when the weather is nice. But if I didn't need the money, I'd just donate everything. It isn't worth the time and labor unless I need to do it to pay bills.

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I craigslist the stuff worth selling, freecycle some, and donate the rest.  We have 6 local thrifty stores/consignment stores and I have always been able to find one that will take anything.  


My past experiences with garage sales mean that I will never have a garage sale again.  

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I really relate about inaction because you think it might be worth money.  I say, whatever you decide to do is the right answer, it really is.  So don't look back. 


Last month I finally had a garage sale, first one ever.  We made more than $500, which was shocking and wonderful.  It was kind of fun and social; my sisters in-law participated and it was fun to hang out for the morning.  And the comment about having a deadline is so right.  It really helped to get our acts together and get things gathered for sale. 


However, I probably won't do that again. I can say I've done it, but it's not my thing.

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I think it can be worthwhile to garage sale or list an item on Craigslist or the like, but make sure it is actually worth your time and hassle. For me, usually it is much more worthwhile to just donate and take the small tax deduction than trying to sell stuff. With something that is worth a bit more, we'll often just give it to a friend or family member. I think your best bet is everything you list or try to sell at a garage sale, set a time limit on it and if it doesn't sell, then donate it. That way you won't have stuff sitting around indefinitely!
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Find out if your town or housing area has an annual sale. You might be able to do it without spending anything on advertising :D

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i am struggling with this as well. I have no time to have a yard sale without my toddler and my new place the road is just to busy so I cannot fathom trying a yard sale alone with dd and ds has soccer on saturdays and I go to work for a few hours on sundays at a church. My sister said I could bring stuff to her sale but the drive to her place would drastically negate any money i would make. I have sold a few items on craigslist but most my items are not selling. I would definitely like the extra money. I have tried children's orchard and it is a huge disapointment. But my garage is in desperate need of purging. I do donate the unsellable items and weed through and get things to give away to friends and family but there is just so much kids stuff left still!

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I say if you have any debt at all, sell. If you are debt-free, donate.


I did a lot of selling over the years, but we were struggling financially as well back then (probably from buying all that JUNK we didn't need ;) lol). When I reached the end of selling things (pared down to just a few suitcases of stuff left) I was so over selling. It had drained so much of my time and life. I can say every little bit adds up fast! I easily made several hundred dollars every yard sale and I hardly sold anything. You realize just how easily things of little value can cost you a lot of money as a buyer. You also learn new appreciation for the value and price of things when you have to sell things like that. Because you often can only get a quarter of what you paid, even if they are brand new. It just makes you become so much more careful about where and how you spend money in future. You really can make a lot from selling though, so if you need to get out of debt it is definitely worthwhile. Otherwise, it does suck a lot of time that in my opinion is probably not worth it. At one point it was like having a full time job for me, I was getting rid of so much so fast.  


I donated a ton in the end anyway because we had so much left that didn't sell. I didn't want to have any more garage sales (hate them) and I came across this awesome concept shortly before I was done getting rid of things that says: GIVE FREELY, RECEIVE FREELY. It changed my perspective in a lot of ways. I always loved to give, but now it's like a way of living for me, an approach to life. I feel like if I give something out of real value that I would otherwise of wanted to get something for, I am making an even bigger sacrifice, but also making a bigger contribution to someone else's life. I love the feeling of giving to someone else who needs something when I really don't need it. It may have monetary value, but it doesn't have actual value to me. Also we love to shop at thrift stores so I feel like that is good as well since you are providing clothes and such for other people in need, whilst they are providing the same for you when you are in need. I don't necessarily believe in Karma but I do believe in many ways, you get what you give in life. And that doesn't apply to only 'stuff'. I apply the give freely concept to all areas of my life.


Good luck with it all! :) 

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I would much rather have the stuff out of my house and not have to deal with setting up a sale, staffing a sale, dealing with hagglers (I suck at haggling on the buying end, and have never dealt with an aggressive haggler on the selling end). And we'd probably make an equal amount back from the tax writeoff. Alternately, I'd much rather work an extra shift at work if I want money to pay off debts. 

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I have never done a yard sale, I have only ever contributed nice stuff to some mom's fundraiser yard sale type thing where I pick the price and they sell it and I get a portion of that or they give it back after the sale. It didn't work out well, so I never did it again. 


I have a spot by my front door for stuff to donate, throw it in the back of the van when I'm headed in the direction of the thrift store I like, and drop it off. Then its all gone forever! I think when doing a big purge its helpful in many ways to donate - I think it can affect your future buying habits positively, like when your walking through Target and have the urge to pick something up, it hits a little harder thinking that $20 item will be donated in a few weeks and its a waste of money completely. Second, it is motivating to keep going when you see progress quickly. All those things gone feels great! I prefer that feeling to the feeling of seeing that huge pile of things to sell, knowing its something else I have to do, when will I get to it, will I even get what I want for it, all the work of answering emails, dropping off to ship or dealing with people coming to pick it up. No thank you! Not worth it to me at all...

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I'm not sure if anyone else suggested but you might try the website/iPhone app Offer Up. I've had excellent luck with this in selling things and offering stuff for free on there! It's kind of like a nicer Craigslist, very picture oriented and very quick and easy if you have a smart phone. (You can post something easily in under two minutes from your phone.). Also, if you have enough to donate, chances are good that Goodwill will pick up...

Good luck!
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My church has a sale every spring, and they have a storage room to take donations throughout the year. It's much easier for me to bring things there than to store them and deal with a sale myself. I get a tax write-off; the church uses the proceeds for youth activities (we make about $2000/year).


The other place I like to donate is our local Women's shelter. They take toys, household goods, small appliances, and I know they are greatly needed and appreciated.

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Keep in mind, there is no tax deduction for donations unless you itemize your deductions. I don't know much about taxes, except that it has never been worth it for us to itemize ours since that standard deduction is like $11,0000. So unless you have really high medical bills or things like that, saving records of your donations is rarely worthwhile. 

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