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BF Etiquette

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Next weekend DH, DD and I are visiting friends of my inlaws (our parents age) for the a couple of days. When they came to visit us I did not cover up while BF since it's my home and I do what I want (lol). However, I'll be in their home for a couple of days and although I don't think they mind when I do it in front of them, literally all of my inlaws friends will be stopping by at some point to see the baby and I wasn't sure if I should be whipping it out in their home in front of their friends. I hate to say it, but I'm anxious of whipping it out because I just don't know how people will react and I get all in my head and make myself crazy blah blah blah. I would just cover up to save myself the worry, but I've only had to cover up twice with DD and she absolutely hates it. I hate to make her eat like that for a whole weekend. My question basically is, no one is going to say anything to me if I start feeding her and make me feel awkward right? 

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My take is that they invited you and know you're breastfeeding so if they would like you to cover up, it's up to them to broach the subject. Presumably the visitors are coming to see baby not a couple of feet poking out from under a blanket, right? If someone makes a big deal about it, I'd say "I can take her to a bedroom to feed if that would make you more comfortable. We shouldn't be more than 45 minutes" to point out the reality that a) babies need to eat and b) they eat often and sometimes for long periods. I wouldn't cover up if baby hates it. The options are to be around baby while nursing or for mom and baby to nurse in peace in private. I doubt anyone will protest, I'd simply whip it out wink1.gif
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That's a good line and it sounds totally reasonable. Thanks!
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I would just feed the baby like normal and not draw attention to it. Often, people just assume that they baby is asleep and you're holding them (unless you have an active nurser).

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I too would just feed the baby as normal in a way that is comfortable for you. If they are uncomfortable (or think a guest might be) and bring it up, I too would offer to go to another room to feed your baby, otherwise I would assume it is fine as they do know your are BFing.
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Yeah, except don't offer to go to another room. The visitors are visiting YOU. If they don't like watching they an leave.

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Originally Posted by MichelleZB View Post

Yeah, except don't offer to go to another room. The visitors are visiting YOU. If they don't like watching they an leave.
OP said she will be visiting friends of her family so she will not be at home on her own turf. If she was at home, I'd agree not to offer to move.
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I know, but she is talking about when friends come to visit them at the house (where she's also visiting). Like, she'll be staying at a friend's house, but then other friends will show up and might object. Right?

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Michelle is right. We will be guest at their house and I'm worried about their subsequent guest. I think I'll just ask if anyone is bother by my feeding if they have people over at the time and say that if they do I'll go into another room. I will be more at ease too if I know that everyone knows what's about to happen. When I'm at home I usually give people a "about to whip my boob out" warning so it would be like the same thing.
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Another thing I would do is only pack my tops that would show as little as possible while nursing, and then wear tanks under them. That way, once she is latched on, there's really nothing to see, you know?
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