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All of these women have great ideas. This would have p*ssed me off to no end. I mean, are you raiding 2/3 of her in-use underwear? She could go buy Depends, right? ICK! EXACTLY!

I read this stuff, and I realize with all the flaws of our folks, they've never questioned our parenting choices like these. I'm so sorry.
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It has actuaaly been a couple of weeks, and I have allready tried to think of any possible way to get them back before she gets home in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, she has an alarm system, so we not only need a key, but also a code .

I am going to explain to her once and for all that these diapers are important and expensive. If she can't show some respect, she needs to back off.

I am making a shopping list now, and it p*sses me off everytime I think about it. These things are just disgusting!!! It ried to get him in the gerbers, but they hurt his legs.

I mean, are you raiding 2/3 of her in-use underwear? She could go buy Depends, right? ICK! EXACTLY!
: Good idea!! I should go raid her underwear and leave depends!! Only prob is, these trainers cost wayyyyy more than underwear.
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LOL when you go pick them up you should totally take all her undies

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Originally posted by flminivanmama
LOL when you go pick them up you should totally take all her undies

And do it right in front of her and look her straight in the face and say "Lets see how you do without these for a few weeks!" Then do a few crazy twitches.
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Just thought I would update you guys. We went to see MIL on saturday. As we were leaving, I asked her nonchalantly where the trainers were, and it turns out that she threw them away!!!!

I had told her NOT to wash them because they have a special wash routine and she shouldn't wash them like normal clothes, but she decided that I didn't really mean that, so she soaked them in bleach, then washed them twice with full detergent and fabric softener. She told me they smelled bad, and she had to do it. I guess they didn't like being soaked in bleach. She says she'll reimburse me. I wanted to yell "$#!@ YEAH! YOU'LL REIMBURSE ME!!"

She has no idea how much we spent on those, and she is going to flip out when I tell her. I am fully prepared for a lecture from her on how we can't afford to be buying extravagant diapers, but I will let her have it if she even goes there!

To top it all off, my ds went all last week with NO diapers at all, and then he spent Saturday night with her. She brought him home in disposable diapers again!!!!! I have to repotty train him!!!!

I can totally understand why dh's brother and his wife have NOTHING to do with this woman.
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: That's Horrible!!! Tell her how much they were! It's maddening when people think so little of cloth and people's opinions (as in not listening to you in the first place). It wasn't her place to do anything with them in the first place :

I'm so sorry this happened to you!!!
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The nerve of her!!!!!!!
I'd even up the price a little bit!! :LOL if you're going to get a lecture anyway-might as well get paid for your time!
Sorry you have to deal with that.
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She freakin' threw them away!!! That so sucks....like you said now you have to deal w/telling her how much they cost. Even tho they are TOTALLY worth not having your child in icky gel, and not having to change bedsheets, not to mention that they help facilitate potty training, people think stuff like that is not economical unless the dipes are like 1.00 each, kwim? I don't even tell people how much they cost, unless they are considering converting, and even then i am really careful how I phrase things.

I just cant get over it!! she threw them away!! Then she put him back in disposables. You're MIL sounds a lot like mine. She hasnt asked to keep Connor yet and I'm dreading it b/c I don't want him going. It's a fight waiting to happen. But I know as soon as she gets him in her wench-y hands she'll be shoving mashed potatoes down his throat...b/c he's 4 months old and she fed her babies cereal from one week on...yadda yadda. I"m soooooo sorry she pulled this sh#t on you!!
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OMG!!! That's horrible. She definitely has some control issues.

If my dh shrugged something like that off I would repurchase everything and see if he shrugged at that.

I'm sorry your MIL is such a psycho hose-beast, I would not want anything to do with her either!
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Trust me, dh is not shrugging it off anymore, he is mad too. It was all he could take when DS came back this time peeing and pooping in his diapers again after all the PT struggle we have had. DS for the longest time would not use the potty on the weekends when Daddy was home, and then we would have to start over every Monday, but Saturday morning he made DH come in the bathroom and tell his poopie goodbye with him when he flushed. DH was so excited to see DS in underwear full time (even at night with no wet sheets!!), and then MIL completely undoes all our hard work in ONE NIGHT.

THen the way she just shrugged at me about the diapes and closed the door in my face while I stood there with my jaw on the floor.... DH agrees that there will be no more overnights with grandmom for a while.
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Oh my heavens, she sounds insane!
I am super touchy and a jerk, but I would give her a bill for the diapers and NEVER let her be with my child again. I have a pretty decent mother in law and my kids don't spend nights with her...but if she ever pulled crap like that they wouldn't see her ever. I am so angry for you. I know it'll be hard to tell her how much they cost ( I can't imagine my MIL knowing how much I spend on diapers ) but please don't let it slide. Just mail her a bill or something. :LOL
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Oh Cat I am so sorry. I would personally put a stop to ALL unsupervised visits. As much as it would hurt financially I would probably eat the loss of the trainers and get him pt'ed right away. Hopefully this one weekwend would not cause such a great set back.
I would call her or have dh call her and simply say until she can respect you, your property, and your child than unfortunately she would only be allowed supervised visits. Sounds harsh but if she is putting a potty trained child in pull ups than it makes me wonder if she is feeding him and burping him and so on.
Then if she throws away clothing, no matter what the type or cost, then it shows the respect she has for its owners
I am so sorry you have to go through this
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What a cow! Actually, I have a better word, but it's not very polite.

I wouldn't EVER let her be alone with my bebe with an attitude like that.
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I'm so sorry Cat. I would be very upset too.

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Originally Posted by hallesmom
The nerve of her!!!!!!!
I'd even up the price a little bit!! :LOL if you're going to get a lecture anyway-might as well get paid for your time!
Sorry you have to deal with that.
Oh totally I would add at least 20%. That woman I am fuming over here for you! I can't believe her just throwing them away and then not listening to you and brining him home in disposables again!

It sounds like she is never going to listen to you. Ugh.
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Time to cut off visits! I have & my life is so peaceful!

After 8 or so packs of diapers or pull ups, you will be spending more on disposable crap. So now you will have to fork it out again or pay for stuff you throw away. GGRRRR
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I think I'd kill anyone who threw away my cloth. My mom respects my decision to CD, and she's interested in learning about it - but she still thinks it's a little weird. But there is no way she'd toss my dipes.

It doesn't matter that your DS was potty trained (and I'm sorry you have to do it again) you could have saved those trainers for your baby. Make her pay. And maybe add a little extra in the total and get a special treat...
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The thing is, we are on a very tight budget, and we were only able to justify the investment because of the hand-me-down factor since we have a baby in diapers as well.

I'm drafting an email to her with a bill right now. I'll let you all know how it goes. I plan to be polite and just send an itemized bill at first, then see how she responds.
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To reiterate what everyone else is saying too....I really wouldn't let her have her son for overnight visits. Besides the whole potty training and dipe issue, she very obviously has no respect for your things or you. She needs a strong wake-up call that she can't continue to get away with stuff like this, or it will only get worse. Waiting for the update.... ;-)

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I hope she pays up! IL's can be a pain in the butt!
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