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Vitamin-supplements in glass bottles (instead of plastic) ?

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In the process of reducing the use of plastic in my life I am searching for plant based vitamin supplements for myself and my daughter (7 years old):  vit d for adults, b-vitamins and calcium/magnesium for children - that come in a glass bottle instead of those plastic bottles!

Does anyone have a suggestion??


Thanks so much in advance!

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Oh wow...that's something I hadn't even thought about. I don't have any product suggestions, but have you tried just browsing whatever stores are available in your area? Maybe you'll luck out and find something on the shelf that meets your needs....or at least find another product by such a company - then you can look them up online and buy the specific supplements you want from them. 


Good luck, and good for you for going to such lengths for your health and all of our environment!

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Solgar, Twin Labs, and Country Life have a lot in glass I've noticed.

I don't do plant based supplements so I can't speak to that from experience but I'll try to help. You can't get a purely plant based (as in plant sourced) b12 or course given plants don't contain b12. So a purely plant sourced b would be impossible I'd think. I googled a bit and I'm seeing things saying that when they claim a vitamin is plant based it's often really started with a synthetic and then grown in a yeast/food base. You might research a bit. I really don't know.

I see Country LIfe has a vegan D3. The others may have one too.

I would also research before you supplement calcium. I did supplement my boys and I wish I hadn't. There is a lot in the news about poor health effects to supplemental calcium. Of course those would presumably be avoided with whole foods form. This one looks like it might be in blister tab form perhaps http://greencalcium.com/ I can't tell how much each capsule would actually contain..I would not think much honestly given the ingredients list! Maybe it would be helpful as a supplement to a diet rich in greens with high calcium content? I'd be more tempted to look into high calcium things like black strap molasses, green smoothies, etc. for our calcium.

I can't find a plant based magnesium in a bottle. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist though! If you're getting a lot of calcium via greens I'd expect magnesium intake to be great just via the diet itself.
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Multis (and they also make single vitamins, etc.)- Megafood, New Chapter, Garden of Life Vitamin code...

Vitamin D- Carlson drops

Oops, sorry, not sure if those are completely plant based...

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