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how did raw milk affect your childrens health?

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Hi, im really excited to start giving my children  4 and 7, raw milk (and a 13mth old baby).


My 4yo showed symptoms of adhd (dfficulty with transitions, oppositional behavior, sometimes unable to stay still) I took him off gluten and that helped, but i am wondering about the milk (organic whole milk). We are building up to a GAPS diet.  He has good digestion though.


My 7yo has auditory processing issues,  (hears perfectly but his brain does not), and has short stature for his age.His digestion is also good, and he doesnt have the behaviorial problems that his brother does. I took him off gluten as well.


I wonder if my 7yo has a sensitivity to dairy, in the meantime though, i am hoping raw milk will help. (because he doesnt like milk that much, but we dont drink much, although we have  plain organic whole milk yoghurt)


I believe the  gluten free diary free diets that help autisitic children apply to my children as well, since i believe it is a spectrum, but i am reluctant to take them off diary completely for the moment, as i dont see any obvious signs of allergy.


Small steps.


In the meantime, what have been your experiences with raw milk, even if your children dont have behaviorial issues,....


i look forward to hearing your experiences....

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I am lurking on this thread...I am considering a switch to raw milk also.

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My boy's allergies cleared right up.  Due to financial pressures and the difficulty in getting raw milk, we have been unable to be consistant with the raw milk, but the allergies did NOT return.   (:->)

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Our positive effects seem to be mild, but the biggest thing for me was milk stopped hurting my son's tummy.  He can now drink milk without getting pains in his stomach.

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My dd is two. We switched to all raw from an Amish farmer about six months ago. No real effects that I've seen, good or bad, except that she loves milk, butter and yogurt. I make yogurt from the raw milk. We frequently are able to get raw butter from our farmer too. She begs for them. They probably make up fifty percent of her diet at this point! My dh also loves it and chugs huge glasses, where with store bought milk he was more "eh."
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It's hard for me to compare since my two children have only ever had raw milk at home (and had reg whole milk one week each year while visiting family). I don't know what their health would be like without it. My kids do get sick, which I'm ok with because I like that their immune systems are being exercised in childhood. They recover fairly quickly though and have never had to go to the dr for an illness and have never had to have antibiotics. They don't have any behavioral problems, no allergies, no major gut problems, no chronic health issues such as eczema or cavities or ear infections. They've each only had 1 minor ear infection that lasted 2 hours.  While I can't be sure, I am very confident that raw milk is one of the most important foods they eat for being healthy children today, with a history of breastfeeding being at the top of the list. Raw milk is the #1 budget food item for us, and I actually run a milk drop at my house in Seattle.  Their teeth look strong.


My almost 2yo DD was sensitive to dairy as an infant but healed her gut and she has digested it just fine since about 10 months of age.

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It's hard for me to compare before and after too, since my kids (4 and 3) have only been on raw milk.  But I do know that they get tummy aches if they have some "normal" milk at Grandma's house or Sunday School (we are trying to walk the fine line between protecting our kids' traditional diets and being a total pain to other people who care for them!).  And it's not quite what you asked, but for me personally, switching from pasteurized milk to raw milk enabled me to begin healing from my lifelong asthma, so I'm a big fan of the stuff. :)  


I am excited to hear how it goes with your kids!  We've been reducing gluten too lately, with really good behavior and health results for all.  And good luck with the GAPs! 

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Thanks! Well, i get our raw milk this weekend...ill report back anything significant. Like i said, my kids dont have  visible digestive issues (thank Gd), just the behavioral symptoms. On hte GAPS diet , they talk about waiting until the diarrhea goes away etc etc. so that doesnt apply to us. I wish gaps would talk  more about people with functional digestion-obviously my 4yo has leaky gut, or something going on because of his sensitiviy to gluten. G;uten enzymes dont seem to help much either...weird. My 7yo i suspect has more a problem with casein...wish i knew why....but raw milk apparently has a different more digestible casein that some  dairy intolerant individuals find easier to digest-should be interesting to see....

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contactmaya, there are scientists who speculate that the symptoms that you describe in your post are only the tip of the iceberg with regard to wheat and that human beings have not had time to adapt to wheat and that NO human being should eat wheat, rye, and barley.  Eating wheat, rye, barley and things that require cooking cannot be any older than pottery, and pottery is only like something like 10,000 years old.  These things have anti-nutrients in them like phytic acid, lectins, etc. to protect themselves from foraging animals, and 10,000 years is simply not long enough for human beings to adapt to these anti-nutrients.  It is entirely possible that your children manifesting these symptoms are a gift and that avoiding wheat etc. they will be avoiding much more serious problems that other people won't be avoiding because they don't have those symptoms that you describe.

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Yes, ive read alot about the phytate aspect of grains, including wheat. Now i actually soak my grains, frequently use non grain altermatives (teff is my new favorite, buckwheat is said  to contain  more phytase to counteract the phytates in the soaking, also sour cream and blueberries are said to help with this issue) 4yo ds seems to react to oats in the same way he reacts to wheat, so its not just the wheat gluten.... point is, i take your point, and have been experimenting with  grains/nongrains as alternatives to oats and wheat for the past couple of months since going gluten free. To do the GAPS diet, we have to be not only grain free, but starch free (no potatoes either?!!!!),...this is probably  at the root of my procrastination. Im also a newbie at preparing foods from meat, especially  broth.


I will put my boys on the diet, but i myself will not doing anything too radical because i am breastfeeding.  Funny thing is, i have no complaints about my digestion, in fact the more i read about it, the more im convinced of my own  good health. I do   a bit of wheat ( have wheat toast because its cheaper than the gluten free alternative)....


Dr Natasha campbell (i think thats  right) says  healthy people have good compensation in their digestion...ie strong livers...even if thy dont have  ideal gut flora....i dont know, my children got their gut flora from me...so obviously something isnt right-why cant my kid digest gluten like me? (even if  none of us are made to digest it), did he just get unlucky and develop leaky gut in the wrong places?  

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When my dd was younger she drank a lot of raw milk and ate raw cheese. She never got sick. Now she rarely touches either and she gets a cold or two per year.

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my ds showed signs of dairy intolerance since he was an infant. we started raw milk when he was 3 (switching from hemp milk he had been getting some of). he has never had any issues from raw milk! which is pretty amazing, as this was the baby that would get crazy rashes from tiny amounts of dairy. He loves the raw milk, also amazing as he is a very picky eater. I do think the dairy sensitivity is just something he grew out of, as he has had some regular dairy in recent months with no problems. But I feel so much better about giving him the raw milk.

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My son is 12mos old and although he didn't show signs of intolerance to it, he quickly began looking emaciated and weak when I switched him from formula. I didn't want him on formula but raw milk just didn't seem enough for him. Within a week he got weak, his eyes were sunken in, developed purple bruises with the simplest bump, he slept way more and just laid or sat on the floor instead of running around playing like he normally did. He's been back on formula for 2 days now and back to himself, up and playing. 

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