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Noah's Home Birth

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When we woke up on March 9, I announced that I was definitely not making breakfast so daddy should take the kids to go get donuts while I took a shower. At about 7:45, in the shower, I had my first two contractions. They were real ones! I got out and they kept coming, though not regularly. If I sat down they spaced out. I told my husband I thought I was in labor and to go get orange juice for smoothies. He left and I went about my business readying the house, pausing for contractions.

Meanwhile my mom, grandma and sister in law were on their way to throw me a surprise baby shower! I knew they were coming but I was just expecting to go get pedicures and eat at a fancy restaurant. I texted my mom to let her know that Noah was planning to attend the party.

About 10:30 I texted my midwife, she seemed more sure about it than I was! I wanted her to wait to come but she felt I could go quickly since this was my 3rd baby. So I compromised and told her to come at noon.

Around 11:30 is when it started getting intense, we were trying to set up the pool and the kids were being crazy. I lay down on the bed trying to slow down contractions until the pool got set up. About 12:30 the birth team arrived (including my doula, who was the midwife’s assistant’s daughter). Shortly thereafter my family arrived with enough food to feed an army.

I retreated to my room, where the pool was set up. Up to this point I’d been just breathing through contractions. In fact I only vocalized through 2 or 3 contractions and they were all earlier in the labor. Because of this my midwife expected me to be about 5 cm...I expected to be about 3 cm. So imagine our surprise when she found I was 8 cm!

I hopped in the tub which was amazing for my back labor. I was sitting in the tub laughing and talking to the midwives between contractions, breathing through them.

Not too long after that I felt pressure and knew my water wanted to break, but I also knew if my water broke he would come out quick and I didn’t know if I was ready for that so I held back a couple contractions.

Finally I just pushed with all my might. My water broke and I pushed his head out first, then took a breath and pushed the rest of him out. My husband caught him and I snatched him from him. J It was 1:45, only 3 hours since I told my midwife I wasn’t sure if she should come or not.

We were all surprised by how fat he was, we were expecting an 8 lb’er but he was clearly at least 9 lbs. When the cord stopped pulsing we cut it and I got out of the tub. He nursed for about 30 min before falling asleep. I had no tears and normal blood loss (after 2 pph’s this was a relief, the midwife gave me a shot of pitocin right after he was born). We weighed Noah and he was 9 lbs 6 oz, big boy but still my smallest (big brother was 10 lbs 7 oz!).

Though I did no preparation, I can honestly say this was by far my easiest birth, though birth is never easy. We are so happy and our family feels complete. J




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What a fast, uncomplicated birth story! I'm so glad it worked out so perfectly for you, and that you had plenty of food (and help) around you when the time came! Congratulations on your beautiful boy!

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Thank you, it did work out perfectly..it was amazing!

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aweee thank you for sharing!!! luxlove.gif what a wonderful story - I hope the transition is goign well for the whole family. :-)

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