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Nighttime diapering solutions

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Hello everyone. I'm cloth diapering my second child (first one was in disposables) and I'm having some issues with nighttime diapering. I'm using Diaper Rite prefolds during the day with water proof covers (which I LOVE!) but I would like to use my wool covers with them. Not working out so well. At first, one of my wool covers was great. The other one, not so much. So...I lanolized the other day, hung to dry. It's been raining a lot here so perhaps they're not completely dry and that's why I'm having this issue...I don't know. 


Okay, let me stop. I'm getting way too deep in my story and really, I just have two questions:


1.) I'm thinking about trying fitted diapers underneath the wool cover at night. Does anyone have any experience with GMDs workhorse fitted diapers? Love the price point. Or are there others that you'd recommend?


2.) What could I have possibly done wrong in my lanolizing to cause a dampness so early on in the night? 


Many thanks! So far I've gotten such incredible and useful feedback on this forum and I want to thank you! One of you directed me to prefolds -- saving me a lot of money and really opening my eyes to the possibilities of cloth diapers. Another led me to Growvia's KiwiPies. So cute...but -- well, I'll ask about those in another post down the line. Main issue with those is they get wet really fast! Am I supposed to be putting a cover on them? 


Okay...so I snuck in a third question. 


Point is, thanks for sharing any thoughts you have!

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Night time diapering can be tough and it seems like once we figure it out, baby changes and we need to adapt again!  We moved to fitteds and wool for overnight at about 6 months, and I can't imagine doing it any other way with a toddler.  We started using kiwi pie fitteds, and they worked great until about 14 months.  They are very trim and didn't hold as much as larger fitteds.  We still like them, but only for daytime.  And yes, they need a cover.  They are just a fitted diaper, so they don't have any waterproof layer keep things dry.  But, I will let him run around in one during the day at home because it's more breathable and I can change him quickly when he gets wet.  We also have some GMD workhorse diapers.  I'd say they are similar to kiwi pies as far as absorbency.  Either one could have an insert or small prefold added to it for overnight to work a little better with heavier wetters.  For us, night time diapers are very bulky, but trim just doesn't cut it any more.  It's what eventually led me to sewing my own overnight fitteds, and we still use those now.  If you don't have enough absorbent material, no cover will hold up overnight.  So, if the diaper is sopping wet, then you need to do a change in the night or use a bigger diaper or both.  As for your wool cover, it could have still been damp.  Wool can feel dry and still contain a good amount of moisture.  I always roll mine in a towel to get as much water out as possible, but some of my thicker ones still take a day or two to dry, depending on humidity.  It's also possible that your wool cover isn't thick enough.  They usually need to be at least 2 layers of wool to be effective at night.  The ones that we have that are bullet proof come from Grateful Buns on Etsy.  Her "underwater" woolies are awesome!  And her prices are very reasonable too.  I hope that helps!

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Yes, big help. Thanks @amyjoyce79! Actually, I had a bit of a clothdiaper "aha" moment this morning when I realized my KiwiPie is supposed to be worn with a cover. Perhaps it was more of a Homer "doh!" moment. 


Anyway, I will check out Grateful Buns. Thanks for the link.  


As far as nighttime bulkiness goes, that I can deal with! Last night was another terribly wet one. Tonight I will give the GrowVia under the (dry!) wool cover a go. The nighttime prefold just doesn't seem to cut it.  


Thanks again! 

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