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Torn about reusing vs donating

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DH and I cleared out a bunch of clothes yesterday, some of which are still wearable, we just don't wear them anymore.

I am torn about reusing them into something else vs. donating them. We are preparing for the arrival of baby #1 in September and the two things we are most concerned about are saving money (i.e. reusing stuff would help with that) and decluttering (reusing stuff would require it to be stored somewhere until it could be used).

Adding to the reusing dilemma is that I am not a sewer, I do not own a sewing machine and it seems to me that reusing usually involves cutting things up and at least hemming them.

Any input and advice, comments and personal stories are greatly appreciated.

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i vote for you to donate since you do not have a sewing machine and they will probably just sitsmile.gif

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Personally I don't find clothes that easy to recycle into new things, even with a sewing machine. A lot of times because the fabric is odd shapes it's tricky to get pieces the right shape for the new item. It can be done, but I think you'd need to be confident with a sewing machine to make it work.


I have done quite a few projects with old sheets, duvet covers etc. If it's something you want to learn maybe save a couple for things like that for practice.


Do you have a local freecyle? I know lots of groups ask that you offer something before you can ask for something. Maybe donating your old stuff that would would help you become known on your local group when the time comes for trying to find baby items.

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I think that many people rely on donations. I've just cringed and donated many things over the years. I consider it to be a good deed as well as a lesson in being careful with purchases.


I do reuse many things as rags. We use rags rather than paper towels whenever possible. Flannel and quilted items make good rags; sheets and woven clothes not as much.

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So the bags have been sitting here since last week and I ended up borrowing my friend's sewing machine and taught myself some basics from watching YouTube videos.

It's a cloth diaper made from an old t-shirt. I'll pull out all the old shirts I want to use and donate the rest.
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