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danielle, those are so cute!  I need to start working on some wooly pants for this little bean

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Ciga- oh my goodness I love the quilt. Is the pattern from a book? I made a really cool quilt for DD before she was born with embroidered Totoros all over it, so I'm trying to think of how to make an equally-special one for this baby.


Danielle- I'm drooling over your stash of handknits!


I'm a sewer and so far have been making a few pairs of newborn-sized longies (pants) out of some felted merino sweaters. DD was born in July, so I have no cold-weather newborn clothes. I'm planning on making some felted merino kimono sweaters too. I'll post pics soon.

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thanks chacha I made up the pattern. I have a pad of graphing paper that I build patterns on until I get them right.  Then I always tend to fudge things a bit when I start cutting fabric. I love how forgiving quilts can be for a person like me who is always changing my mind mid-stream.


Do you have a pattern for kimono sweaters? That is such a perfect style for hard to dress infants.  I definitely need to add some to my list of things to make.

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Oh my gosh love these!! Keep the pictures and projects coming ladies! I have had no energy to do anything but lie on the couch until two weeks ago. Now I am finally knitting something! Its been years since I knit though so I'm going with a super easy baby blanket pattern (with fairly thick yarn so it knits faster!). Thats okay, I'm enjoying it. And you ladies are inspiring me!

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ciga I do have a nice pattern. I'm at work so I'll have to check the company and pattern number for you and get back to you Friday.

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Ok ciga it is simplicity 4434. Probably out of print but you could find it on ebay or etsy or somewhere.
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I will post later when it's finished! This was all bare wood, and my husband made the hat holders! I have many, many hats being made for Baby and I plan to put some of them on here. I like the way the letters have turned out so far!! Now I have to figure out how to make sheets for his cradle smile.gif

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Abk - that's so cute, love the green, I think it's so neat you have named your wee boy already :-)
Here is what I have been working on for a couple of days. Should be complete tonight. Then back to sewing, hoping to make a first outfit for little lady to wear.
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Thank you! It's a family name, so I have always known that if I had a boy his name would be John. I love it! Classic and sweet, but will look great on a resume one day smile.gif
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I've was working on a cross stitch for a friend's new baby and it felt like it was taking FOREVER. I'm done now, though and was finally able to make this for my little one!
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Taught myself to crochet yesterday! I'm pretty excited because I've tried several times over the years and have never been able to do it, but it seems to have clicked this time!
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Oh my goodness Graciesue those are so cute!! I LOVE the little dress!

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And I'm finished my cross stitch, well it's as finished as it can be until little lady is born and I can add her birthday to the date at the bottom. Really happy with it!
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I bought this cross stitch to make - now I just need to get motivated to start it! http://www.amazon.com/Tobin-Buggy-Record-Counted-Stitch/dp/B003B3I02I/ref=pd_bxgy_hg_img_y

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Thank you, superbeans! I plan to make several more of each in different colours and sizes!

I love the cross stitches, ladies! I always make the same cross stitch (in different colours) for my kids. I bought the pattern for my oldest and just bought the materials to re-do it for the rest of them. This is DS1's (with his info blocked out)

I've bought the materials for the new baby's, but am a little cross stitched out after making this one (that still has to be ironed and framed...although, it looks like my DS's could have been ironed better!) for a friend
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I just finished a couple of projects, hooray! Two pairs of newborn-sized charcoal merino longies and eight hemp fleece pocket diapers to plump up my stash a little bit. This pattern fit dd from newborn through about a year old. Now I'm working on the baby quilt...

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Another hat, a couple of headbands and a dress that I've crocheted. I took a break from making baby stuff to make a bag for my mom for her birthday, (which isn't until late August, but I was motivated), but I'm back to baby crafting now. I'm working on knitting her a blanket now, which will take me a while.

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Okay this is also not for my baby but now that its done I can start working on my babe's quilt.  I literally finished it 20 minutes ago. This one is for DH's niece who is pregnant and her shower is next week so I've been in time crunch to get it done.  I wasn't super excited about this design when I pieced it but now that its all together and quilted I actually like it.

front has five different squares and then stitching is five different colors radiating out from each of those squares.  The radiating different colors were my husbands idea and I really like it.




this is the back

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Saved myself $200.00!!!

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This thread is so inspiring. Beautiful work, mamas! I've been trying to crochet a pair of booties using great YouTube vid but I keep increasing somehow, if that means adding extra stitches. I keep trying to knit or crochet but I'm definitely NOT a natural. I may dig up some boy flannel and serge some wipes especially for pumpkin...
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