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That looks like you're subtracting stitches by accident. Check the pattern for how many chains you were supposed to start with and how many stitches you should have in your first row after stitching into the chains. On a basic pattern every subsequent row should have the same number of stitches as the first. If your number of stitches is correct then it is probably just a tension problem. That first row into the chain is often a little looser than the rest of the piece because it's such a freaking pain in the ass to stitch into chains and get good tension at the same time. It's common (at least for me) to have a tiny bit of flaring out at the base of a project because of this.


YouTube should have some good videos. I'd do a search for you, but I'm at work and can't get on YouTube here. :(

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Well I know I started with the right number in the chain, and I'm using the woven stitch.. Maybe I'm stitching into the wrong loops? Thanks for the advice!

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I agree; can't get the pic large enough but I think maybe at the curling end you need to be putting one more in the last stitch. Pretty color!

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That looks like you're subtracting stitches by accident.

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I made all of these a while ago and found them in a clothes bin when I was going through baby clothes yesterday. My baby certainly won't be hurting for hats!

Dahlia-Did you ever figure out the issue you were having with your crocheting? I certainly don't have enough experience to help as I just learned myself. I'm just curious and hoping you were able to work it out!
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I need to make some wooly pants. DS trashed all the ones I made for him.


These were my favorites.  I made them out of my husbands retired smartwool socks and bits of a cashmere sweater I had laying around.  They were awesome and he wore them for a couple years.


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You all are so talented! I love all the little dresses Happi, and all the other little clothes and everything- so cute!


Here's my pathetic attempt at the beginnings of a blanket... see how the end is curving up for some reason??



That's what some of my work looked like when I first started. If your doing the same thing I did all it is is your chain is loose, and your getting better with each stich so each row gets a little tighter. Just keep going, when you are done you will pull it to stretch it and it will be much more even. Sometimes things look wrong, when in truth they aren't. You mite want to make a few pot holders or wash clothes with multie colored yarn to help you get the feel for it and build your confidence. The different colors in the yarn make it easyer {for me anyways} to id any mistakes. Personally I get to sick of ripping out stiches, so most of the time I just keep going even if I know I messed up. Lol

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Such cute projects!

I feel kinda bad because I haven't got much done my self. But I've been fairly sick off and on, and had pergnany brain big time for a while, so even the patterns I knew by heart from making them for other people gave me a head ache. I doubt any sewing will get done until after Acelyn gets here...maybe I can make her some cute summer dresses. I love the pillowcase dresses I've seen, but those will be for when she is older. I plan to make leather moccasins and fabric shoes.

I do have two crochet blankets in the works, one for my baby and one for my out of state cousin who is due in the next few weeks {it's nearly done!} a pair of knit booties in the works, and one pair of crochet bootie I made free hand. One of these days I'm going to write down my own crochet bootie pattern so that they acutely match. They always look and fit about the same, but I know the same number of stichs did not go into the same places. Lol. I like to work in the round from the sole up, shaping as I go. I'm just winging it on her blanket too.



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Those booties are adorable!!! 


Thanks for the tip, btw :) 

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LOVE the upcycled pants!



Bunny for baby!!!  I'm thinking the ears will good for teething.

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Oh my gosh Ciga that is so clever about the socks!! We have a basket of smart wool socks who have lost their mates (and will probably never find them!) I might have to try that. Though baby will look a little goofy since the legs won't match. At least she'll be warm!

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Oh. My. Gosh. That bunny. Freaking adorable!

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okay, I somehow couldn't find this thread before so I double posted these photos in the weekly thread. oops


So, I finally finished my baby quilt yesterday. Once he/she is born I'll embroider the name and date somewhere on it.  I made the pattern for the front and then I gave DH and DS a big piece of muslin and fabric paints to make the backing.  I'm feeling pretty proud of it.  I'm also excited that I made it pretty large 50X50 and used wool batting so it'll be something we can really snuggle under this winter.  (the light really doesn't do the vibrant oranges, yellows, and purples justice)




soliel- that bunny is out of control! I love it!

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WOW Ciga that is absolutely beautiful!!!

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Ciga, that is GORGEOUS. Great job!
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I love it! 

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Ciga you clever mumma that is such a beautiful quilt and I just love the back, what an awesome idea.
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Such a beautiful quilt! Love that you DH had a hand in it too. Very special!
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DS1 wanted to learn how to crochet and he really wanted to make a hat for the baby. So, I helped him make this hat...of course, when I say I help, I mean I made most of it, but he had a part in making it. He picked the colours and did do quite a bit of the body of the hat. It turned out quite small, I'm really hoping it fits her and she can wear it when DS meets her!
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I think I might be the only one left who posts in this thread who's yet to have their baby...hopefully I'll be joining you all soon. These are all things I made a few weeks ago. I've had zero interest in making anything over the past couple of weeks, even though I should be working on her stocking for Christmas.

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I love those clothes!! I can't believe you made all of them! Have you done stockings for all the boys, too?
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