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New to Canberra and feeling AP isolation ~ Help?!

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I am used to living where I can breastfeed a toddler at the park and people smile. Large organic grocery shops outnumbered regular shops. Doctors were open and accepting of a parents choice to vaccinate fully, partially or not. Homeschooling groups and AP or NP playgroups were many and easy to find.

I've recently relocated to Australia and am moving to Canberra to be with my husband. So far, two of my husband's friends have deleted me online because my daughter isn't fully vaccinated. Others are glorifying a show that calls everything pertaining to my lifestyle, beliefs and parenting style fraudulent pseudoscience. To date I have yet to meet anyone I have things in common with aside from small talk and cooking.

I'd like to find a more accepting and positive social circle to say the least. One where I am free to be myself without judgement. I have always been a very honest and open person and now I feel forced to hide parts of myself in a closet.
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Ug! How frustrating! I saw this in the unanswered threads and didn't want to leave you hanging. I'm not in Australia, but I can identify. I've lived in areas that were downright aggressive toward me over such things. It's hard and it's lonely. And once you know better you'd feel horrible changing to fit in, because you know what you're giving up. Libraries often have information about homeschool groups in the area, and hospitals often have info about parenting groups. Maybe you kind find some like minded parents through one of those? Or talk to them about starting a group, if there isn't one? 


There's no one like me where we live now, but at least it's an accepting community. They give me confused looks, then shrug and ignore whatever weird thing I'm up to. It's a very "live and let live" kind of community. After some of the places I've lived though, that's works fine for me. =D

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Thanks for replying! I grew up in a "let live" town when I was a child. I appreciate it more now that I'm seeing the opposite reaction too close to home for comfort. There are many genuinely nice people too but my way of life is still foreign to them. It's hard because it puts pressure on my husband who is trying to be supportive of my choices.

The AP groups I found are no longer active. We are trying the homeschooling group, still waiting to hear back.

I'm afraid the library might not have the things I'm used to either. To get a child tax credit here, your child must be fully vaccinated. The opt out forms have to be signed by doctors and its hard to find one who will. The mainstream news takes a bully approach to the vaccine debate and vilifies anyone who isn't on board. That media difference is one reason why there is a greater separation amongst good people who otherwise would not make the choices of others personal.

Sydney, Adelaide and other cities have far more options and groups. I might just have to start one wink1.gif
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Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time.

I don't live in Canberra, but I think there would probably be AP people associated with ANU (Australian National University). Some of my AP friends have studied there in the past. That might be a good place to start with posting a notice about your group.

As to finding an AP friendly doctor, have you tried asking for a recommendation from the Australian Doula College (02) 9558 2500

I hope everything works out well for you.
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Try Bubhub which is an australian baby forum. Maybe you might find more like minded people somewhere in there. (hopefully). Otherwise, I'm so sorry! That sounds so isolating and depressing. Goodluck maybe you will move to a more AP friendly area in the future. =)

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You could try Natural Parenting Forum. There used to be members on their who lived in Canberra but I don't know if they're still active. There is also a list of doctors who are non-vax sympathisers ( for want of a better term).
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I'll try all of those suggestions, thanks! Tried NP forum first before posting here, inactive local members. Doctor list didn't have my city but I did find two options.
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Hello I used to live in Canberra - found some lovely frineds through the stiener school.  Its called Orana and they have playgroup[s etc.

There used to be a homebirth group too - not sure if its still round - it was 10 years ago!

Best of luck!

And Dr Turtle was our AP friendly GP.

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Obviously I am coming to this way late, but I live in Canberra, so PM me if you are still in need!


I can second the recommendation of Orana (my kids go there!), they have a craft group on Friday mornings that you could go to (free) and playgroups that meet at people's houses (free) and at the school (paid).


I can also recommend a GP if you haven't found a good one yet.


Canberra is kind of a hard city to "break into", if you know what I mean, but there is an underground of lovely and likeminded people :)

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