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Leg Cramps

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Somebody Help Me Please.

Im 32 weeks and suddenly the leg cramps just started. They wake me up out of my sleep and its terrible. I can barely move let alone walk. Sometimes I can massage them away but yesterday they werent going anywhere... please tel me theres some secret mother wisdom way of easing this pain.

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My calcium/magnesium supplement seems to be helping. I take 2 calcium/mag/zinc/D3 supplements before bed (2 during the day too and my prenatal in the morning), this one

Other than that, when I do occasionally get a cramp, I will stretch my toe and foot back for a few minutes and if that doesn't alleviate it I'll walk around on it for a bit. I also try to avoid extending my foot as in pointing my toe as that sometimes brings one on for me. They really suck!
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You can get in the habit of streching your calves every day too.  That will keep them a little looser.  I also read to put your foot down on a cold floor.  Quinalla is right about not pointing your toes too.  Try to flex the toes up anytime you can.

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A magnesium bath/soak usually helps me. (i never found much relief with my cal/mag, and when I take it I get really vivid nightmares (weird?!!?) so I stick with soaking). I also took homeopathic zincum metallicum last time and I think it helped a bit.
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I'm 32 weeks along too and was having horrible leg cramps that woke me up every night, despite calcium and magnesium supplements. Then I started drinking nettle tea as part of my quest to be GBS- and my nightly cramps went away after the first day! I purchased a pound of dried nettles from vistacost.com and each night I boil a quart of water and then add it to a half cup of dried nettles and let it steep overnight. I strain out the nettles the next morning and drink the quart of tea throughout the day. My back doesn't hurt either, so I assume it helps with those muscle aches too! It tastes like a medicinal tea, but overall not too bad of a flavor. Here's a website that has more benefits of nettles while pregnant: http://www.susunweed.com/Article_Pregnancy_Problems.htm
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